Why You Should Eat Slower

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Eating slower can both help you reduce the amount of food you are eating and also improve your digestion. When you eat too fast your body doesn’t have the time to send you a signal that it’s getting full until you are already full and it’s too late. When you eat more slowly you can […]

How To Become a Runner


Running is one of the more accessible workouts to accomplish that really works the whole body and burns a ton of calories. Running can be done on a treadmill but it is not gym specific so you basically do it anywhere in the world. You can take running on vacation, and you can even run […]

Low-Calorie vs. Low Fat Diets : What You Must Know


For a long time fat was presented as if it was the main thing to avoid in food if you wanted to have any chance of slimming down. This lead to an abundance of foods being marketed as low fat but a lot of it was still high in calories from the levels of sugar […]

How To Get A Flatter Stomach


Everyone has a certain amount of belly fat but it can be reduced for aesthetic reasons and also for your health. Carrying a lot of weight around your midsection can point towards diseases like heart disease so it’s important to pay attention to it. Visceral fat is the kind that you can’t see which forms […]

Fitting Fitness Into a Busy Lifestyle

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When you live a bust lifestyle and can be challenging to fit in the suggested amount of exercise each week, even if you know it’s one of the best things you can do for your body and your energy levels. If you can’t get to the gym for a full on uninterrupted and hard-core workout […]

What To Know About Juicing


The term juicing can be a little misleading since for some people juice means that stuff you drink from the carton at breakfast. Proper juicing is actually a process that uses entire fruits and vegetables and extracts the juice out of them before discarding the excess. They are prepared fresh, generally with a mixture of […]

Meat Free Protein Sources That You’ll Actually Enjoy

black beans

Protein is a necessary part of everyone’s diet but we often get into a rut of eating the same lean meats over and over again. That’s all well and good but there are actually a lot of other protein sources that you can mix into your diet to both keep you interested and also to […]

Studies that Show Almonds Improve Your Health


A recent study shows that almonds have been found to have yet another health benefit, in addition to its known nutritional values. This is excellent news for almonds, which are rapidly growing in the nut industry, growing faster and is more readily available than any other nut in the world. Nutritional Value of Almonds What […]

Could Aloe Vera be an Intergalactic Super Plant?

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Does the Aloe Vera plant have extraterrestrial origins? Possibly a healer from outer space? It may look like something sent through a Stargate, but what makes up the Aloe plant and why is it still slightly shrouded in mystery? Known by the Egyptians as the plant of immortality, it was buried with dead Pharaohs to […]

Tongat Ali: The Secret Herbal Male Enhancement Remedy

tongkat ali

Many men, young and old, want to perform for their partner in the bedroom without any obstacles to get in their way. It is imperative that this performance be able to satisfy and hopefully impress someone so much so that they will practically beg for that next horizontal dance. So when the penis decides to […]