Why You Should Eat Slower

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Eating slower can both help you reduce the amount of food you are eating and also improve your digestion. When you eat too fast your body doesn’t have the time to send you a signal that it’s getting full until you are already full and it’s too late. When you eat more slowly you can […]

Low-Calorie vs. Low Fat Diets : What You Must Know


For a long time fat was presented as if it was the main thing to avoid in food if you wanted to have any chance of slimming down. This lead to an abundance of foods being marketed as low fat but a lot of it was still high in calories from the levels of sugar […]

What To Know About Juicing


The term juicing can be a little misleading since for some people juice means that stuff you drink from the carton at breakfast. Proper juicing is actually a process that uses entire fruits and vegetables and extracts the juice out of them before discarding the excess. They are prepared fresh, generally with a mixture of […]

Meat Free Protein Sources That You’ll Actually Enjoy

black beans

Protein is a necessary part of everyone’s diet but we often get into a rut of eating the same lean meats over and over again. That’s all well and good but there are actually a lot of other protein sources that you can mix into your diet to both keep you interested and also to […]

How Can You Tell If You Have A Gluten Allergy?

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In recent years, we’ve been hearing a lot about gluten. The rise of gluten awareness and its possible adverse effects on the digestive system has created a cottage industry of gluten-free food products, from bread to beer. So how can you tell if you’re sensitive to gluten? And what should you do if you are? […]

Is Weight Gain With Age Inevitable?


It is often the case that when its comes to optimal health it is the younger generation that seems to rule the roost. This is no big surprise as you turn on the television, flip through a magazine or drive past a billboard and witness six-packed he-men and tight shapely women happily playing volleyball or […]

Brown Fat vs. White Fat and How To Burn Them BOTH


Most people simply hear the word fat and they immediately drum up a negative image. There are two types of fat which are classified as white fat and brown fat. It turns out that brown fat is a lot better than white and, until recently, was considered to disappear by adulthood. This, fortunately, is not […]

The Weight Loss Buzz About White Kidney Bean Extract


White kidney bean extract has been found to help individuals lose weight due to its “starch-blocking” abilities. This is particularly helpful to people that consume an excessive amount of carbohydrates at mealtime. Commonly consumed carbohydrates include potatoes, bread, pasta and rice. It is important to understand that simple carbohydrates (containing fructose) raise the blood glucose […]

7 Surprising Superfoods


When the recently coronated “World’s Oldest Man,” 123-year-old Bolivian Carmelo Flores, was asked the secret of his longevity, he was quick to name two of our superfoods: chia seeds and mushrooms.

8 So-Called Healthy Foods to Avoid


Losing weight can be difficult for most of us. But what makes it especially difficult is holding on to the misconceptions we have of what a “healthy” food is.  Unfortunately, many foods that we’ve come to know as our go-to health foods are simply not doing us justice. They are higher in calories and often […]