Have you seen the Gut Killer Video?

Gut Killer

I just finished watching the Gut Killer and all I can say is, “wow.” In case you don’t know, Gut Killer is the shocking video that everyone is talking about because it explains the biggest health crisis facing Americans today. 50 million americans have digestive issues, and the truth is, the problem could be in the American […]

Could Aloe Vera be an Intergalactic Super Plant?

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Does the Aloe Vera plant have extraterrestrial origins? Possibly a healer from outer space? It may look like something sent through a Stargate, but what makes up the Aloe plant and why is it still slightly shrouded in mystery? Known by the Egyptians as the plant of immortality, it was buried with dead Pharaohs to […]

MaxGenics Ultra Burn Results

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WHAT MAXGENICS ULTRA BURN DID FOR ME Every supplement company out there makes a fat burner. I mean, it seems like every day there’s something new coming out. With so many on the market its hard to choose which one to pick one. I was looking for  a fat burner because I had surgery on […]

Garcinia Cambogia 500 by SD Pharmaceuticals Review


One of the many Garcinia Cambogia supplements on the market is Garcinia Cambogia 500, which is manufactured by SD Pharmaceuticals as a weight loss supplement because of the phytochemical hydroxycitric acid (HCA) it contains. HCA, derived from a specific type of fruit, has been found to help reduce hunger and improve the body’s metabolism, which […]

City Cosmetics Radiance Illuminator Dark Spot Corrector Review

Radiance Illuminator

I have a birth mark on my arm that has bothered me since I was a little girl, so I’ve always been interested in finding a good, safe dark spot corrector. The problem up until now has always been that almost all of the products on the market were full of dangerous ingredients that could […]

Speak SpeechNutrients by NourishLife Review


Speak SpeechNutrients, a product created by NourishLife, is a children’s directed supplement that is intended to help deliver key nutrients that are said to aid in the development of speech skills and coordination.  A combination of omega-3, vitamin E, antioxidants and vitamin K are all included in this supplement, which claims to aid in neurological […]

Fun Treadmill Routines


Treadmills have a bad rap as relatively boring machines that often end up collecting dust in the corner because they get so repetitive. But treadmills don’t have to be boring, and you can get a great workout from the comfort of your home by running on one. Here are a few ways you can take […]

Restaurant Dining and Weight Loss

Eating out Post

I just read a study that evaluated the calorie content in foods in small and local restaurants that are exempt from listing calories on their menus under the new laws. I wasn’t surprised to find that, just like in large restaurant chains, there are a lot of calories in these restaurant foods. The researchers took […]

Raspberry Key Raspberry Ketones Review


Raspberry Key is a raspberry ketone extract that promises to provide individuals with pure extract that can reduce weight and aid in the regulation of glucose levels. Researchers also claim to have found a correlation between raspberry ketones and increasing memory capability, reducing plaque buildup in arteries of the heart and improving health overall. This supplement claims to […]

Interval Training 101

If you’re serious about getting into shape and burning fat, then you should probably know about interval training. Interval training incorporates moments of high intensity exercise and short rest periods into your normal exercise routine. High intensity exercises are known to whip people into shape very quickly, and doing them as part of your normal […]