Get the Most from Your Workout

Whether you spend 10 hours a week in the gym or only get a few minutes of free time every couple of days, you probably don’t want to waste any time getting into shape. Yet, many of us end up doing that every time we go to the gym or for a jog around the […]

Create a Fitness Plan

Sometimes getting in shape involves more than just going to the gym. Anyone who’s spent some time trying to lose weight and tone their body has experienced the dreaded training plateau, those moments when you just don’t seem to get any better. If you’re serious about losing weight and toning up, then you should think […]

Natural Back Pain Remedies

back pain remedies

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? There are all kinds of remedies and treatments–some of them very expensive–out there, and some are much more effective than others. You don’t have to run out and spend money on expensive shock treatments or a new mattress just yet. Before you start spending a fortune to fix […]

Chia Seeds: The Energy Boosting Superfood


Whether you are searching for the energy to get out of bed every morning or the energy to hit the gym after work each day, for the most part we turn to caffeine. While a never-ending cup of coffee would be perfect to get most of us through our day, there is actually something even better than […]

Get Rid Of Garlic Smell On Your Fingers With This Simple Trick


When cooking with garlic, one of the main complaints is always that the smell gets on your hands and stays there no matter what. No amount of soap or washing seems to completely eliminate the odor. One time I was making a pizza and cut up some garlic with some onions and anchovies and I […]

Chromium Picolanate By Solgar Review


Chromium Picolanate is a vegetable based capsule that aims to help regulate one’s blood glucose levels when coupled with a healthy diet. Manufactured by Solgar, this supplement is said to help the functioning of healthy nutrient metabolisms and to help maintain a healthy blood sugar level for those who are already in good standing. Users can appreciate that […]

Lipo 6 By Nutrex Review


Lipo 6 is one of the many rapid weight loss products on the market that is geared to helping mean and women achieve their ideal weight, which perhaps had been unattainable before. The all-natural vegetable-based capsules do contain caffeine and are to be taken at varying times or prior to strenuous workout for maximum results. had […]

The Nutritional Benefits Of Eating Insects


The United Nations made a recommendation last month that people should eat more bugs to aid in the fight against world hunger. With hunger reaching epidemic proportions in some parts of the world, it sounds like it could be a decent solution, especially since insects outnumber humans on earth by 200 million to one– unfortunately, […]

5 Simple Tricks to Eat Healthier


We all promise ourselves we’ll try and eat better. We’ll cut out the fast food–which we know is horrible for us–cook more at home, and try to watch our calories. Of course, it’s never that easy. We’re busy, and we tend to just grab what we’re used to eating when we’re at the grocery store. […]

Will Genetically Modified Food Save Us Or Destroy Us?

genetic experiment

In today’s consumer market we are consistently seeking those foods which are higher in nutrients, serve multiple uses and have longer shelf lives. However, in order to meet these demands, more than the organic and naturally occurring fruits, vegetables and animal meat will suffice. Science has taken note of the demands and created several methods of genetically modifying […]