City Cosmetics Radiance Illuminator Dark Spot Corrector Review

City Cosmetics' Radiance Illuminator Dark Spot Corrector ReviewI have a birth mark on my arm that has bothered me since I was a little girl, so I’ve always been interested in finding a good, safe dark spot corrector. The problem up until now has always been that almost all of the products on the market were full of dangerous ingredients that could potentially cause cancer or other skin problems. So I was hesitant to use any skin lighteners until I heard about some new ingredients that were recently found to be really effective while still being safe for sensitive skin. Resveratrol, Alpha-Arbutin, Sepiwhite, and Sepicalm are the latest ingredients to be hailed as the next best things in skin lightening and brightening.

What do we think?

Here at Nature’s Health Watch, we’re no strangers to dark spot correctors. When it comes to these types of products, we have seen and heard it all… and I’m sure you have to.

They all claim to have amazing effects at reducing freckles, dark spots, liver spots, age marks, and blemishes… some claim instant results while others claim to work after several weeks of use.

What does City Cosmetics’ Radiance Illuminator claim?

City Cosmetics’ Radiance Illuminator claims to be a dark spot corrector that can show results in as little as a week. It not only reduces dark spots, but increases overall skin radiance.

Here’s what we found when we gave it a try.

To try the Radiance Illuminator, we had everyone in the office use it. As some skin types are different than others and some dark spots more severe than others, we really wanted to test it on a variety of spots and skin types.

Everyone reported seeing noticeable results. After only a week, some had a dramatic reduction in freckles and dark spots. One woman was using the product on her entire face and thought it looked shades lighter after just three weeks.

How does City Cosmetics’ Radiance Illuminator work on freckles? 

Every woman in the office reported that their freckles were noticeably faded after just a week of using the Radiance Illuminator. They raved at how even and smooth their skin looked after using it. More than one woman was amazed at how well the product worked.

How does Radiance Illuminator work on dark spots and blemishes?

The results were remarkable. I have been using it on my birth mark for three weeks and I can’t believe how much better it looks. It’s not gone, but it has definitely faded and I’m already feeling much less self-conscious about it when I wear my bikini.

How does Radiance Illuminator work on overall skin tone?

The Radiance Illuminator really helps to even out skin tone and also increases the overall brightness and radiance of your skin. After only a few days of using it, my skin looked much brighter and more radiant than before.

Would we recommend Radiance Illuminator?

Definitely! We’ve checked out several dark spot correctors and this one was the safest, most effective one we’ve tried. If you have a trouble spot or dark spots on your skin that you have been looking to get rid of or if you just want a lighter skin tone, this stuff works great. Almost everyone that tried it was amazed at the results.

Should you try it? We think it’s a winner. This is the best dark spot corrector we’ve ever tried and if you’re looking for one to help your spots, this is the one to use.

City Radiance Illuminator is available on the City Cosmetics website at

Hint: (For a special discount, enter your email in the “first time customer” box on the side.)  City Cosmetics is offering a huge discount to get new customers to try this dark spot corrector.

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  1. How long will I see result? I had been hv dark spit on my cheek under my eyes many years. Tried used different kind products but nothing work.. I hope this will work

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