City Lights Radiance Reflecting Cream Review

City Lights Radiance Reflecting Cream

Every summer I get more and more freckles and blemishes. I never go to tanning salons, but I do like to spend time at the beach and the pool. Some freckles are good, but I don’t like to be COVERED in them. I heard about dark spot correctors and skin lighteners and wanted to try some out, but I was nervous about doing so because many of them contain something called Hydroquinone, which is supposed to be bad for you. So any skin lightener or dark spot corrector I was going to try had to definitely not have hydroquinone.

I’ve used City Cosmetics products before and during my searching for a dark spot corrector, I came across City Lights, which thankfully, has zero hydroquinone. Originally, I saw their Lip Plumper, City Lips featured in a test on tv and out of everything they tested, it won, so I decided to try it and review it myself and I loved it. So that made me curious about what else City Cosmetics had to offer. And the latest I’ve tried is their City Lights Radiance Perfecting Cream.

I’ve always had a problem with freckles and moles on my face and neck and every summer it just gets worse and worse, so I was excited that City offered something specially for that because their other products worked so well.

I tried the cream for the full, recommended four weeks, applying it every night to my face and neck and I’m happy to say, it really did wonders for my freckles. It has a light texture and is non-greasy and it tingles a little bit when you apply it. It goes on very smoothly. After 4 weeks it didn’t completely get rid of my freckles and sunspots, but they are definitely less noticeable now. I’m going to keep using it to see if it gets rid of them completely, but so far, so good! If you’ve been looking for something to help with your dark spots, this stuff is a must-try!

It is available for sale on the City Cosmetics website.

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  1. Shanice says:

    I love this! I’ve tried a lot of “skin lighteners” in the past.. Some work, some not so much.. But when the warning for Hydroquinone came out with the reports of it causing tumors, I FREAKED OUT! I completely stopped using any type of product with hydroquinone – which is almost all skin lighteners.. When I saw this had no hydroquinone I decided to try it.. The results are awesome! This is up there with some of the top lighteners I’ve tried. I would highly recommend this! And especailly if you’re considering using any product with hydroquinone.

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