City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream Review

City Views Review

It’s that time again.. Another eye cream review.

Today we have City Views from City Cosmetics.

How did we hear about this cream?

City Views came to us after much request from our readers believe it or not.

This is a new eye cream and it is quickly becoming very popular.

Women are saying all kinds of amazing things about it and a few of our readers wrote in wanting to know our thoughts on this new eye cream.

What do we think?

Here at Nature’s Health Watch, we’re no strangers to eye creams.  When it comes to these types of beauty products, we have seen and heard it all.. and I’m sure you have too.

They all claim to have amazing effects on every age sign that hits your eyes. They say the work for dark circles, wrinkles and bags.. Some claims instant results while others claim to work in a matter of weeks with continued use.

What Does City Views Claim?

City Views claims to be an anti-wrinkle cream that works at a faster pace.. As it is called “Rapid Repair Eye Cream”.

Here’s what we found when we gave it a try.

To try City Views we had our whole office try it out.. Here’s their thought.

The first thing the ladies noticed when applying this cream was it’s tightening effect.

Our ladies said they instantly felt the skin around their eyes get tighter.

This had quite a dramatic effect as many women said they could see the wrinkles smoothing out almost instantly.

The other thing we heard was how this cream made them feel after wearing it. many of our women said they really do feel more awake and refreshed from wearing this cream.

How does City Views work on bags around the eyes?

Under eye bags was where this cream really shined.  Every women in our office said they noticed a significant difference with how this cream works for the skin under the eyes.  One women even claimed this was better than anything she ever tried.

How does City Views Work For Dark Circles.

City Views does have a brightening agent in it and a few of our women said they did notice a difference.  It must be the brightening agent combined with how City Views tightens the skin cause the effect to reduce dark circles.

How Does City Views Work For Wrinkles.

All women should use a quality eye cream as a preventative measure for wrinkles around the eye.. But as something that makes wrinkles disappear, we found City Views does work quite well to help smooth out these wrinkles.

Would we recommend City Views?

Yes!  We’ve reviewed dozens of eye creams in the past and for the most part, we would not recommend a lot of them. Though City Views is different. Almost all the women in our office said they would gladly spend the money to add City Views to their beauty regimen.

Should you add it to yours?  We definitely think you should.  This is one of the top eye creams we’ve ever looked at and if you are looking for one of the best, this is the cream to use.

City Views can be ordered direct from the City Cosmetics Website at: Hint: (For a special discount, enter your email in the “first time customer” box on the side.)  City Views is offering a huge discount to get new customers to try this cream.

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Veronica is from Ballwin, Missouri. She wanted to be a registered nurse until college, where she discovered her passion for writing about health and wellness. She studied nutrition and journalism and now she contributes to several publications including Nature's Health Watch which she also edits.


  1. Gretchen Stuckwish says:

    I have been using the City Views Rapid Repair eye cream for just a few days and have noticed a huge difference in the eye area. Amazing product, I highly recommend it. Also using the Skin Remodeler face cream. Eyes and face glowing. Love the products!!

  2. Stacey Bach says:

    I’ve tried many expensive products, and so far City Cosmetic products have impressed me the most. I’m using both the City View Rapid Repair Eye Cream and the City Face Skin Remodeler Cream in the a.m. and p.m. Only in my mid-40’s I have under-eye puffiness/bags and wrinkled cheeks. After one week my eye puffiness is reducing and I am truly seeing a difference in my cheeks. I am encouraged and expect a real visible difference in the next few weeks. Products are lightweight, no fragrance which is a must for me long with no animal testing. The free shipping was only 3 days and I’m in the Midwest!

  3. I started using the Rapid Repair Eye Cream a couple of weeks ago and I already notice less puffiness under the eyes, a diminishing of fine lines. I will continue using this product, and purchase it again. I highly recommend it. I also LOVE City Lips!

  4. Christine Magruder says:

    I’ve been using the eye cream for a couple of weeks now, and it is great! Less wrinkling on the upper lid and the bags under my eyes are diminishing, along with the dark circles. Great product.

  5. I’ve just started using 1 of the three products I ordered, the City Lips and I haven’t noticed a very big difference yet in my lips but love how it makes them shine. I will continue to use it for the month and see what happens and will post a comment again. The other products I purchased were the eyelash and eye cream. Will start using those tonight and also will post another comment after I tried them for a few weeks. One thing for sure about City Lips is they have excellent customer service.

  6. I’ve been using City Face, City Days and City Views for about two weeks and have noticed a difference in the tone of my skin. I had dryness in the nose area which has cleared since using this product. With the City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream, there has been a tightening feeling in the eye area. Still a little soon to tell if the results will be dramatic!!

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