Herbal Remedies For Addiction

milkthistleIt isn’t easy releasing yourself from the powerful hold of vices that have gotten out of hand and herbal remedies for addiction withdrawal may help. The botanicals below address organ detoxification, mental strengthening, immune boosting and overall systemic reinforcement.


When first attempting to release yourself from an addictive stronghold it is important to begin a detoxification program to extract accumulated poisons. Using these herbs may ease you into this phase without the severity of illness often associated with going “cold turkey”.

Milk Thistle – This unassuming plant packs a powerful liver detoxifying punch. It contains hepo-protective properties which means it is able to insulate liver cells from internal and external toxins while at the same time assisting in detoxification.

Burdock Root – The extract from the root of this plant works as a blood purifier as well as a liver and kidney tonic. It stimulates toxic fluid release from the kidneys while at the same time adding nutritive minerals that can be inadvertently flushed from the system during detoxification.

Dandelion – It’s a shame that most people destroy this medicinal weed as it is linked to preventing internal infection, balancing bodily fluids and managing red blood cell production. During detox it relieves spleen swelling and helps replace loss of potassium.


Mental Strengthening

Recovering from addiction withdrawal is a huge strain on the mind. These herbs can be great mental boosters.

Skullcap – Aptly named this herb is the preferred alternative remedy during the first 72 hours of withdrawal. It could ease anxiety, headaches, depression and insomnia which are all associated with the first difficult steps toward recovery.

Gingko Biloba – Bringing extra blood to the brain is a primary benefit of gingko biloba. It has been linked to improving short term memory as well as systemic circulation for an overall feeling of well being during addiction withdrawal.

Passion Flower, Valerian Root and Chamomile – These three herbal remedies work synergistically to maintain healthy sleep, reduce nervousness and induce a calm, relaxing outcome.


Immune Boosters

During addiction recovery it is important to boost the immune system as it struggles in it’s transition back to health. Herbal remedies are wholly embraced during this phase.

Astragalus – This remedy from the legume family is known to improve digestion and strengthen overall immune function by restoring energy and balance.

American and Siberian Ginseng – These two root tonics have the ability to stave off recurring cold viruses, bronchitis and chronic fatigue syndrome often associated with a weakened immune system due to addictive abuse.

Turmeric – This herbal spice has a laundry list of immune fighting capabilities including acting as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and liver protector.


These are only a handful of herbal remedies for addiction. Seek out a naturopathic doctor or professional herbalist to learn about more possibilities if you or someone you know is challenged by addiction recovery. It is imperative however to check with your health care practitioner before such an herbal protocol as some natural remedies may cause a contraindication regarding personal health and/or current conventional drug use.

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