How To Become a Runner

aerobicsRunning is one of the more accessible workouts to accomplish that really works the whole body and burns a ton of calories. Running can be done on a treadmill but it is not gym specific so you basically do it anywhere in the world. You can take running on vacation, and you can even run around your own neighborhood. Learning the proper techniques to avoid injury is key when you are beginning a new running plan since it can be hard on the body if you’re doing it wrong. When done right running can help you lose fat, build lean muscle, and even strengthen the bones. Running is also something that you can continuously get better at and reach goals if you are motivated by specifically seeing yourself improve at something.

Often when people begin running they start off moving too quickly which of course will make you tired quickly if you are not in the shape for it. You will always burn out faster if you are sprinting at the beginning as opposed to letting your body warm up. If you need to, you can begin your running routine by walking. If you are comfortable walking for 20 minutes or so you can add on a few minutes of running at the end and then each time increase the amount of time that you are running and decrease the amount of time of walking. Taking walking breaks during a run isn’t bad either, just as long as you catch your breath and start back up again as opposed to stopping early. You don’t have to be wiped at the end of your run either, otherwise you might lose the motivation to head back out. Set reasonable goals and then increase them every time you meet them.

Once you can maintain a steady jog over a period of time, you might want to start incorporating some other elements like sprints or running at an incline. Always ease into these as well since they can be a little more intense on the body than general running. They will push your current fitness levels quickly. For less experienced runners it can be helpful to time yourself based on overall time ran as opposed to miles so that if you get tired nd have to walk you can still accomplish your timed goal without getting frustrated that you didn’t hit it.

Another thing that can help you sustain a new running habit is not to do it every single day. You want to leave enough time between the runs for your body to recover but not so much that you loose your momentum. It should be evident whether you are actually too sore to run or if you are just feeling resistant to the process. Try every other day at first and mix in some strength and resistance training on the other days. Perhaps the most important part in teaching yourself to be a runner is to not stop the process.

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