How to Maximize Your Slow Carb Diet

slow carb dietThe slow carb diet was created by well known angel investor and marketer Timothy Ferriss. Although it’s not something completely innovative that we haven’t seen before, it’s really become popular among people who want to lose weight.

The Slow Carb Diet:

What the diet basically consists of can be seen in the name. You’re basically trying to cut down on as many carbohydrates as possible, while eating healthier foods such as vegetables, meats, and beans.

Foods to Avoid:

Bread, chips, cookies, eggs, fruits. Basically anything that’s white and contains high amounts of carbohydrates.

Foods to Eat:

Chicken, Steak, beans (they can supplement the carbs you’re not eating), vegetables.

Once a week cheat day

If you’re interested in finding more about what the slow carb diet is, research more on it. However, this article will help you maximize the diet and get results you want.

Does the Slow Carb Diet Work?

The slow carb diet works 99.9% of the time if followed correctly. There are countless diets out there that fail, even if you follow it to a T. This is one that will work every time. However, don’t expect to lose 30 lbs. in your first month by simply following the diet.

Although there have been stories of people losing up to 50 lbs. in their very first month of the diet, results vary. Don’t expect to get these results by being a lazy bum. Remember, everything you do takes work and if you force the issue you’ll get the results you want.

So, what exactly am I recommending you to do with the slow carb diet?

Do intense cardio and weightlifting training.

“But I’m a lazy person, and that’s why I’m trying this diet.”

The diet will work for you eventually. It can take 1-3 months to start seeing results.

However, if you want to make sure you’re maximizing your diet and losing weight effectively while creating a stronger body, then you have to work out.

The reality is that most people don’t only want to lose weight, but they also want to look good. This requires you to workout.

Most importantly…

You don’t want to you don’t want to avoid eating everything you love for the rest of your life right!?

If you want to enjoy a life of eating the most enjoyable foods in the world there’s only 1 solution.

Increase your metabolism.

By increasing your metabolism you’ll be able to burn carbs more quickly, and eat more of the things you enjoy.

Circuit Training & Cardioslow carb diet

The best way to work out is definitely by doing circuit training. The reason behind this high intensity workout is that you’re constantly putting strain on your body with little rest in between, making you lose more carbohydrates in the process. By doing circuit training you’ll find that the pace of weight loss and muscle tone will be a lot faster than if you simply do one workout at a time and do them slowly.

You can literally turn a 1 hour 30 minute workout into a 30-45 minute workout. Creating maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Cardio will definitely be important in losing weight. If you only had to do 1 of the 2 either circuit training or cardio, I’d recommend doing cardio.

So, what kind of running should you do exactly?

I suggest you do sprints and jogging. Not just jogging. There’s a reason why sprinters have some of the fittest bodies in the world. Make sure you’re using your body to it’s full capability, and you’ll get in shape faster than anyone else you know.

If you follow this easy guide I’ve given you along with the slow carb diet I guarantee that you’ll be able to lose 30 lbs or more in just 1 month.

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