How Your Name Could Affect Your Health

phonebookWhat’s in a name? A lot apparently. Our name, like our body is one thing we are born into the world with without much input on our part. It has long been thought that different names have a different affect on people’s personalities, and there are some studies that have shown this to be true.

One study about names looked at people’s initials and how this affected them in life. Often the alignment of initials are neutral or don’t spell anything, but then sometimes the end up making a three letter word. This study claims to have found that people with initials that spelled a positive word reportedly live 4.5 years longer than people with meaningless ones, and people with negative ones live on average of three 3 less. No pressure when you are naming your kids. That means the initials A.S.S. might shorten your life, but J.O.Y. might lengthen it. This is an interesting claim since it doesn’t seem like we end up spending much time thinking about our initial line up anyway, unless of course we have everything monogrammed.

And then there are the claims that your personality and your name link up correctly because your parents chose your name of their tastes, and you inherited their genes. So if you were given a name that traditionally sounds like an adventurous one (maybe Everest) then it’s possible that your parents are already adventurous people. When you match up with your name it can elevate certain characteristics in your life, but when you don’t feel like your name makes sense it can actually cause distress.

People who don’t feel like their name matches thie rpersonlaity often struggle with the dichotomy of who they are and who they thought they were supposed to be. You might not think that you place a lot of assumptions on people’s names, but research shows that you do. People respond differently to different names on resumes no matter what sort of education and qualifications are present.

The associations between why differences occur with certain names are hard to explain, but there are some things that have been noted. People named after a religious figure tend to stay closer to the religion it comes from. And rare names that have been famous are sure to evoke thoughts about the characteristics of who else has had the name. It’s likely that having the name Princess might evoke a different life experience than having the name Spike. (Extreme examples.)

In some cultures people believe that giving children odd names is somehow setting them up for teasing throughout life, but in other cultures it is thought to be a way to positively separate the kids from their peers. This can be seen in the celebrity trends of naming their children unique names, possibly to set the record straight that their children will be unique or should be treated as such.

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