Is Weight Gain With Age Inevitable?

overweight-food-addiciton-excuses-spryIt is often the case that when its comes to optimal health it is the younger generation that seems to rule the roost. This is no big surprise as you turn on the television, flip through a magazine or drive past a billboard and witness six-packed he-men and tight shapely women happily playing volleyball or sporting that week’s trend. All this surrounds the remaining percentage of forty-something plus people struggling through their challenge with a slowing metabolism, extra responsibilities, limited time, challenged diet and in many cases overall complacency. As a result, many chalk up their steady weight gain to one or more of these factors using them as a habitual excuse rather than do something about it. Weight gain with age, is this inevitable?

Lifestyle Lessons

Falling into specific and continued lifestyle choices is one of the major causes of later life weight gain. Before most know it, their daily routine of work, play and rest catches up with them and for some it can become a highly challenged struggle to get back on a healthy weight track. The BBC news quotes Michael Symonds, professor of developmental physiology at the University of Nottingham, who considers the answer is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and find a hobby that expends lots of energy. Professor Symonds cites bike riding as his tool against what most would consider inevitable, age related weight gain saying, “I’ve got two allotments, six children and I bike 20 miles a day,…I’m the same weight as I was when I was in my 20s.”


It seems that the older people get the less sleep they are able to attain. This, in part, is due to various physical challenges but can often be alleviated either through conventional medicine or alternative choices such as herbal tinctures or the like. Either way, it has been shown that getting enough sleep can ward off weight gain. Professor Symonds agrees, stating that, “Research shows that disrupted sleep patterns can have an impact too. The propensity to obesity is more prevalent in shift workers because of this fact.”

We Don’t Need That Much Food

As we continue to be surrounded by the enormous variety of enticingly packaged, processed food and beverage choices it is no wonder so many people are over-gorging themselves. Add in a complacent lifestyle of limited exercise and extensive boredom and before you know it you are carrying around a spare tire or two. Eating live, whole food choices of six small meals or two large ones per day are an excellent way to remain satiated without the fat gain. Avoiding unnecessary snacking, binge and/or emotional eating will undoubtedly reap a lighter, healthier you. This, of course, must be combined with adequate exercise to maintain a capable, continually burning metabolism.

So no, weight gain is not inevitable with age. For those that are rounding the corner in their late thirties it is just the time to changeover to the above mentioned lifestyle changes and for those that think it is too late, it never is. Another great way to manage your weight is with a weight loss supplement.

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