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My hair is a sign of my femininity and vitality.

Long, lustrous locks give you a youthful look that simply can’t be faked with extensions or hair products.

Unfortunately, there are all kinds of different factors that can keep you from having the healthy tresses you’ve always dreamed of. Between the dyes, hair dryers, curling irons & the million other things we use to beautify ourselves, your hair takes a serious beating on a daily basis.

Combine that with genetics and an unbalanced diet, and you will find yourself dealing with more breakage and shedding than you knew was even possible.

Certainly, I’m no exception. So I recently tried a new women’s hair product from Leaf Origin, to see if anything magical happened.

Women’s Maximum Hair Recovery

The product is called Leaf Origin Women’s Maximum Hair Recovery, and it’s an oral supplement from California-based supplement company Leaf Origin.

I’m used to the sprays and creams and shampoos (products that I saw little results with), so I was excited to try out an oral supplement for the first time.

The product comes in vegetarian capsules(clear, brownish little containers) that are filled with a powder. This powder is the combination of ingredients that are supposed to thicken your hair and generally improve the health of your (hopefully) flowing mane.

The mission of these tiny capsules is to reduce dihydrotestosterone(DHT) levels in the hair, while flooding the follices with nutrients and vitamins that are essential to hair growth and maintenance. DHT is a hormone that suffocates the hair fibers in your scalp, blocking the ability for nutrients like collagen and biotin to help liven your less-than-luscious locks.

Women’s Maximum Hair Recovery contains a series of DHT-decreasing nutrients and a number of compounds that promote volume, shine, thickness, bounce and overall beauty. The components in Leaf Origin Women’s Maximum Hair Recovery work on two fronts to provide you with a flowing, bouncing, shining hair that you can be proud of.

Inside each little capsule is a veritable army of hair health, such as biotin, vitamin b3, saw palmetto powder extract, organic kelp powder, methylsulfonylmethane, collagen, folic acid, niacin and riboflavin.

All of these ingredients are all-natural, containing no fillers, binders, preservatives or synthetics. They’re also vegetarian and pescatarian friendly, which is good for me as I’m of the vegetarian persuasion.

Leaf Origin also makes sure to note that their products are all certified by a third-party laboratory to ensure quality, potency and safety, so I felt safe in taking this supplement.

That’s enough about the supplement itself. Now onto the part you want to hear about: the results.

Did It Work?

I’ve been on Leaf Origin Women’s Maximum Hair Recovery for two months now, and I am seeing some strong results.

For the first month, I didn’t see much in terms of actual thickness. I did notice that the cracking, breaking and shedding that was becoming a normal part of my life decreased significantly. Although I wasn’t seeing mind-blowing results right away, my hair was definitely healthier. I straighten a lot (my hair is a knotty mess that Medusa would scoff at) so I’ve always had trouble with cracking.

After a couple of weeks on Leaf Origin Women’s Maximum Hair Recovery, I noticed that my hair was stronger and more resilient. It didn’t feel fried or crispy like it had for so long, a result of applying heat to my locks for a few years.

It wasn’t until about 5 months into the program did I start to see serious results. My hair at this point was strong and robust. The cracking and shedding had all but disappeared at this point, and honestly, I was happy with that.

But by week 5, I started noticing a huge increase in thickness and volume. It’s like I planted seeds in my head that were just now growing. The bounce I had from when I was a kid was back. My hair was thick and wouldn’t break when I twirled it in my fingers (a huge asset for when I awkwardly try to flirt). By week 7 I had a lion’s mane of shiny, healthy, bouncy, thick hair.

I did it: I defeated the cracked, brittle, worn-out hair that I had dealt with for so many years, a result of modern style and excessive heat. All thanks to Leaf Origin.

Closing Thoughts

Leaf Origin  Women’s Maximum Hair Recovery did work for me — and it can for you, too. It’s vegetarian and pescatarian-friendly, synthetic, binder and filler free and uses only effective, all-natural products.

Just a forewarning, though: like every hair-care product, it may take you a month or more to see results. I have to recommend you sticking with it. If I gave up after a month, I would have been happy, but not as excited as I am now. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving it more than 60 days…their guarantee lasts for 90 days and you’ll get your whole purchase price returned.

I’m enjoying my new hair. It’s gorgeous, flowing, bouncy and can take anything. I have to recommend this.

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