Nature’s Answer Green Coffee Review

natures answer green coffeeEven a good exercise and healthy diet program need a little boost once in a while. If you are like some, it may feel as if you are doing the best you can but the weight will not come off. Sure, a pound here or five pounds there but at the end of the day you are not where you want to be. Nature’s Answer Green Coffee could be a consideration if you are experiencing minimal weight management results and think you might be ready to add a helping hand.

Green Coffee Sounds Ridiculous

Green coffee beans are the pre-roasted raw version of coffee beans and they pack some serious punch. This is mainly due to high amounts of chlorogenic acid, upwards of a whopping 50%, found in the raw bean before it is roasted. Once it heats up this acid is burned away making the bean less bitter and more fit to produce coffee. However, when it was discovered that chlorogenic acid can regulate glucose output and assist in cleaning out the liver while effectively and rapidly using and burning fat it was green coffee beans that became the go-to source.

According to a study entitled ‘The Use of Green Coffee Extract as a Weight Loss Supplement: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials’ published in vol 2011 of Gastroenterology Research and Practice

“The evidence from RCT’s [random clinical trials] seems to indicate that the intake of GCE [green coffee extract] can promote weight loss.”

The study goes on to recommend further testing which continues to be pursued. In the meantime, it is all about the “proof in the pudding” when hundreds of testimonials confirm the continued success of using green coffee bean extract to assist in losing weight.

What’s in the Sauce?

Now that green coffee beans are practically being sold on every street corner it takes a keen eye to spot the real deal. Nature’s Answer Green Coffee offers 50% standardized chlorogenic acid derived from 400 mg of green coffee beans. It is delivered in a vegetarian friendly capsule and sourced as unroasted raw green Arabica coffee beans. According to Women Magazine (5/13/13) these ingredients are “…the most important things to look out for so that you can avoid expired or low-quality ingredients and even dangerous additives.” Nature’s Answer owns and operates one of the largest herbariums in the U.S. and has been manufacturing the highest standard alcohol free liquid herbal extracts since 1972. In addition, all herbs used including green coffee beans are either organically grown or wildcrafted which means they are not cultivated in a lab or factory farm but in their natural environment instead.

Nature’s Answer Green Coffee only takes one capsule with a full glass of water twice per day before a meal.

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