Okinawa Life Review

okinawa_box_bottleOkinawa Life is a natural supplement created by Kowa which is dedicated to promoting better immunity supporting vitality and longevity, just as the people of Okinawa claim to have. With a focus on three key ingredients, soy isoflavone, zedoary and goya, this supplement aims to deliver some of the many nutrients that we aren’t getting enough of in our daily diet. Manufacturers recommend taking five of the small tablets of Okinawa Life per day in order to attain optimal results, which for some might be too many.

There is an official website dedicated to this product, which offers information on the concept behind the product, the key ingredients and several frequently asked questions. The website is laid out in a clear, easy to navigate interface which can help interested users attain the information they need to determine if this is a viable supplement for them. However, the site doesn’t go into detail about additional ingredients other than the main three, and does not share any information on completed clinical studies.

Cost of Okinawa Life

While it is difficult to determine whether any other retailer sells this product online, the official website dedicated to Okinawa Life does allow you to order by phone or online. A bottle of 15 tablets sells for $34.95 regularly through their site; however they do offer a free 30 day supply when you enroll in auto ship. If you are not interested in enrolling in auto ship one must pay the full price for their first bottle of the supplement. The website also offers a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee for those new users who are interested in trying the product, which does set this supplement apart from several others on the market.

What Reviewers Have to Say… 

The website dedicated to Okinawa Life does contain two video testimonials from individuals who claim to have positive results from this supplement. Both stated that they seemed to have more energy than ever before while taking this product as directed. However, there are few online reviews other than on the official website, so it is difficult to determine if these results are typical and whether anyone has had a negative experience with the product.

Pros of Okinawa Life

• Free 30 day supply (read the fine print)

• 30 day money back guarantee

• Effective at increasing energy and boosting immunity

• Small, easy to swallow tablets for those users who have trouble with larger drugs

Cons of Okinawa Life

• Soy, fish and dairy-based product which might not be appropriate for some users

• Created in a facility with peanuts, wheat and shellfish, which might not make it appropriate for those with allergies

• Only some of the ingredients in the product are disclosed through the manufacturer’s website

• Serving size is rather high (5 tablets)

Final Thoughts

The science and thought behind this product is rather appealing, but before consumption it is important to ensure that it is appropriate for your diet and allergies. Because there is minimal information on the ingredients of this product and no clinical studies shared it cannot be officially recommended for use.

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