Phytophanere by Phyto Review

Phytophanere by Phyto Review

Healthy skin, nails and hair are certainly three of the most sought after desires of women seeking to look their best. Phytophanere, a dietary supplement manufactured by Phyto, claims to be able to provide individuals with the natural antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids that the body needs in order to keep skin looking radiant, nails strong and durable and hair shinning.  A culmination of vitamin A, B, C and Omega 3 and 6 are all used to help make this supplement one that women with thinning hair particularly can appreciate. This supplement is to be used on a cycle basis, four months consuming the capsules with a one month break, of two capsules per morning.

The Phyto website, which contains a page dedicated solely to Phytophanere, offers minimal information on their product. There are no clinical studies shared, no frequently asked questions section and only the active ingredients are shared with interested users. The site does offer two small tips which are rather useful for those women who have thinning hair and are taking the supplement, but that hardly makes up for the lack of other information on the product.

Cost of Phytophanere

The manufacturer’s website doesn’t offer interested individuals the option to purchase their product directly from them and doesn’t disclose the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This supplement can be purchased from outside retailers, such as Amazon which sells the 120 count bottle for $36.30. Because the product can’t be purchased from the official site there is no money back guarantee and there are no free samples to be spoken of.

What Reviewers Have to Say…

For the most part, the reviews for this product are extremely positive. Many female users claim that they not only noticed a difference in the look and feel of their hair, but that they also saw a noticeable change in their skin and nails too. A few reviewers still claimed that they did not see any results from taking this supplement as recommended, and some noted that the product was too expensive when compared to other drugstore products like it.

Pros of Phytophanere

  • Geared toward women with thinning hair specifically
  • Aids in the strength of nails and the look of skin
  • Cycled supplement (four months using and one month not)

Cons of Phytophanere

  • No clear clinical studies provided by the manufacturer
  • Minimal information provided on the manufacturer’s website
  • Product unavailable for purchase from the manufacturer
  • Expensive (when compared to similar products on the market)

Final Thoughts

With so many positive reviews for this product, it is clear why women with thinning hair, or those who are looking to improve their skin and nails, would want to try this product. However, because there is minimal information on the ingredients of this supplement and no information on the clinical studies that have been performed on it, it cannot officially be recommended for use. If you are still planning on using this supplement, it can certainly be beneficial to consult a physician to ensure that it is right for you.

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