Raspberry Key Raspberry Ketones Review

Raspberry Key Raspberry Ketones ReviewRaspberry Key is a raspberry ketone extract that promises to provide individuals with pure extract that can reduce weight and aid in the regulation of glucose levels. Researchers also claim to have found a correlation between raspberry ketones and increasing memory capability, reducing plaque buildup in arteries of the heart and improving health overall. This supplement claims to be a 100% pure supplement that has no binders, fillers or added ingredients which can be taken on a daily basis with just a two doses prior to a meal. However, the manufacturer notes that results typically do not begin to manifest until a few weeks into taking this supplement.

The manufacturer’s website that is dedicated to this product contains plenty of information on the product, how it works and the science behind it. Not only do they include physician’s approvals, but clinical studies and a full ingredient list as well. While the site is useful, it is somewhat crowded with information for new and potential users to sift through. The manufacturer does a good job of offering customer service options to interested and current users.

Cost of Raspberry Key

It appears that the primary place to purchase Raspberry Key is from the manufacturer’s website alone. Online and phone orders can be placed, and they certainly cater to those who are planning on purchasing more than one bottle of the product. A single bottle of this supplement sells for $49.95, however when you purchase more than two bottles there are additional discounts applicable per bottle.

The manufacturer does offer a 60 day money back guarantee that is beneficial for new users who are not pleased with the product.

What Reviewers Have to Say…

For the most part the reviews for this product are rather positive. Users are pleased with everything from the ease of use to the discreet shipping and the manufacturer’s customer service. Many individuals claim that they have successfully reached their weight loss goals with the help of this product and that it worked better than several other ketone products on the market. The only negative comment to be found was that there was no automatic shipment feature available by the manufacturer and that starting off with a single month supply of this pill could be somewhat costly.

Pros of Raspberry Key

• Clear clinical studies provided by the manufacturer

• Plenty of information on the manufacturer’s website (though could be slightly overwhelming for

new users)

• Easy to take, twice a day supplement

• 60 day money back guarantee

• Good customer service

Cons of Raspberry Key

• Results take some time to manifest (several weeks)

• No automatic shipment program from the manufacturer

• Somewhat expensive when a single bottle is purchased, yet multiple bottles purchased allows for purchasers to save money on each bottle

Final Thoughts

Raspberry Key is an all-natural supplement that many individuals seem to have had weight loss success with. The manufacturer’s site is a great source of information for those who are interested in taking this product, and the fact that ingredients and clinical studies are disclosed allows us to recommend this product for use.

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