Sensa: Can these Magical Sprinkles Work for you?

SensaSprinkles were always a childish delight that were topped on anything that would cause a dieter to cringe after ingesting. However, the diet sensation Sensa claims that the use of their own “enchanted” sprinkles can actually cause significant weight loss without the calorie counting, rigorous gym sessions or even much at all. With such simplistic guidelines, and easy to stick to regime every weight watcher out there dreams that this mystical creation actually works, but can it be to good to be true?

The product consists of tiny crystals made of maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, silica, and natural flavor enhancers that you simply dust on top of an everyday meal. The maltodextrin is a generally safe simple carbohydrate that is found in many food additives. Tricalcium phosphate boasts a combination of calcium and phosphate that has been shown to show slight appetite suppression when ingested. Silica basically classifies as a sand like compound that gives the crystal-ness to the Sensa product. Creator of the product Dr. Alan Hirsh claims these “tastants” cause you to feel satiated quicker and stay fuller longer, thus promoting weight loss. It promotes a lot of weight loss, according to Dr. Hirsh. After using the products for six months one is equated to lose thirty pounds. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well it looks like this fantasy may just have to stay in that realm.

The first red flag that may deter the everyday abstainer from the product may be the cost. The Sensa website offers a “free” trial where you only pay the shipping and handling cost of $9.95. However, in the fine print you may notice the automatic enrollment of $89.95 after 30 days if the product is not returned in full. Also, if you really want to break the bank and go for the entire six-month package of the program you will be paying a whopping $199 plus shipping and handling. For a product priced so highly one would expect loads of evidence proving the effectiveness of these powders. However, that is not the case in the least. The few studies Sensa enthusiasts push have been company sponsored, and performed by founder Dr. Hirsh. Also, none of these studies have been published in any medical journals with the option of peer review. Furthermore, the company has been involved in a multimillion-dollar class action lawsuit filed by consumers claiming they were duped into buying products without any scientific proof of effectiveness.

In the end, one can deduce that if Sensa does as it claims and cause you to eat less, you may lose weight. However, most experts would agree that eating a well-balanced calorie conscious diet combined with an increase in exercise will do you loads more than paying the price tag for these magical crystals.

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