Speak SpeechNutrients by NourishLife Review

Speak SpeechNutrients ReviewSpeak SpeechNutrients, a product created by NourishLife, is a children’s directed supplement that is intended to help deliver key nutrients that are said to aid in the development of speech skills and coordination.  A combination of omega-3, vitamin E, antioxidants and vitamin K are all included in this supplement, which claims to aid in neurological health and supplement the nutrition of growing young minds. Developed by pediatricians, this supplement can be taken in a convenient two capsule per day form, or in liquid form with a single tablespoon serving per day, both of which are available in an orange flavor.

The manufacturer’s website that is dedicated to this supplement provides plenty of information for interested parents, including a frequently asked questions page, information on clinical trials done on individual ingredients and more. However, it is important to note that the scientific information shared on the product is based on tests done with individual ingredients and not the supplement as a whole.

Cost of Speak SpeechNutrients

With a number of ordering options available on the website, a one-time order of 60 capsules costs $71.95, the twist-off capsules are $71.95 and the liquid form of the supplement is $76.95. If you are looking to save off of the cost, you can sign up for the monthly auto ship plan or order in bulk. This product is exclusively available for purchase through the manufacturer, and there is no mention of a money back guarantee or sample option for new customers.

What Reviewers Have to Say…

For the most part, reviews from parents seem to be rather positive, although finding reviews off of the manufacturer’s site is rather difficult. Parents of children with developmental issues claim that the speech quality of their children improved over just a few weeks of consuming the supplement. There are some parents who claim that they didn’t necessarily see a huge result from the product, and many claimed that it was simply too expensive. One parent noted that getting their child to take the recommended dosage throughout the day was rather difficult, as the manufacturer suggests taking supplements in the morning and afternoon with food.

Pros of Speak SpeechNutrients

  • Great tasting orange flavor
  • Two ways to consume this supplement (liquid and capsule form)
  • Detailed manufacturer’s website

Cons of Speak SpeechNutrients

  • No money back guarantee offered by the manufacturer
  • No clinical studies disclosed for this specific product
  • Expensive for a single, one-time supply

Final Thoughts

The premise behind Speak SpeechNutrients is rather intriguing for parents with children who are struggling with their speech and looking for a natural means to improve their issues. It is important to recognize that there are no clear clinical studies that have been done on this specific product and solely on its ingredients, which means that it cannot be officially recommended for use. However, if you still plan on using this supplement with your child, be sure to consult a pediatrician before adding in any type of dietary supplement to their daily diet.

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