Strange Signs Your Health May Be in Trouble

coldUsually when something major is happening health wise the body gives some big signals, but it also tends to give smaller ones as clues that you can pick up on if you know what you’re looking for. Here are some things to pay attention to and the conditions they could be pointing to down the line

Your Smell

If you notice a change in your sense of smell and you are getting along in your years, there is a possibility your body could be letting you in on impending Alzheimer’s disease. One of the first clues of the disease can be a decreasing in your sense of smell. Research done at the U.S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke found that mice bred with high levels of the protein that is affiliated with Alzheimer’s had a marked decrease in their ability to smell. Some loss of smell can happen as you age but if it happens suddenly it might be worth a trip to the doctor.


When your nails are healthy they don’t have more than the occasional ridge but overall should appear smooth and not have markings on them. When they do it can be a hint that something else is going on in the body. If under your nails there appears a reddish color, it is possible that it is giving a sign that your body might be experiencing lupus. Lupus is a disease that causes the body to attack healthy tissues as opposed to just intruding bacteria. If you notice red under your nails, or rashes on your hands you might want to get them checked out.

Your Breath

As strange as it sounds, bad breath can be linked with erectile dysfunction, because it is a sign of gum disease, and men with gum disease are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. Ongoing bad breath should be checked out at the dentist.

Your Hearing

One study has found that people who have diabetes are about twice as likely to have hearing problems that otherwise healthy people. This is true even more so with younger people. The thought behind it is that the higher blood sugar levels that occur with diabetes can actually lead to damage of the blood vessels in the ears.

Your Hair

If you start losing hair on your head or even on your eyebrows it could be a sign that your thyroid isn’t working properly. When you’re thyroid is out of whack the hormonal changes can lead to the drying it and the losing of hair. If it comes on out of nowhere it might be time to get checked. Hair loss can also be due to vitamin deficiencies.

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