Is Weight Gain With Age Inevitable?


It is often the case that when its comes to optimal health it is the younger generation that seems to rule the roost. This is no big surprise as you turn on the television, flip through a magazine or drive past a billboard and witness six-packed he-men and tight shapely women happily playing volleyball or […]

Can Collagen Supplementation Help Your Skin?


Perhaps one of the most frightening parts about an upcoming birthday is the fact that one more year means one more wrinkle on our face. Aging is certainly the one disorder that we all suffer from. As modern medicine recognizes the needs of many to develop new ways to help our youth last, it seems that many anti-aging […]

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Sleep.

Most of us attempt to live a healthy life. We try to eat right, exercise regularly, yoga, not stress out too much, save money, and whatever else that might entail. But isn’t it a bitch that none of those things actually matter, if we’re not getting enough rest? That’s right, folks. Your parents, your doctors, and your […]