Are You Running Yourself To Death?

running yourself to death

Running has always been associated with a slew of health benefits, but a new study suggests that excessive running can lead to earlier deaths. In a recent survey, researchers found that people who participate in high amounts of running tend to have shorter lifespans than moderate runners or even those who don’t run at all. The study, called […]

Are Pilates Right For You?


Pilates is a great form of exercise that uses both the natural resistance of your body and a pilates reformer depending on where you are doing it. It can also be conveniently modified to for practice in your own home on a mat if you can’t get to classes. Pilates differs from yoga so don’t […]

Tone Your Back

Back muscles istock

When we think of core exercises we usually think about working on our abs. Often this is for aesthetic reasons because we want our abs to look toned, and we don’t end up thinking about toning our back. It is equally important however to strengthen the muscles in the back because they work together with […]

Energizing Electrolytes: Do or Die


As humans grinding every day, we usually make ourselves the last priority. We don’t sleep enough, eat well enough, or, perhaps most importantly, hydrate appropriately. Now, I know what you’re thinking — what the heck is hydrating “appropriately?” Aren’t we all drinking the same water, from the same sources, and putting them into the same […]

How to Maximize Your Slow Carb Diet

slow carb diet

The slow carb diet was created by well known angel investor and marketer Timothy Ferriss. Although it’s not something completely innovative that we haven’t seen before, it’s really become popular among people who want to lose weight. The Slow Carb Diet: What the diet basically consists of can be seen in the name. You’re basically […]