Hair Essentials for Hair Growth Review


Which Hair Supplement is right for you? Click here to see the best one we’ve found.  Hair Essentials for Hair Growth is a revolutionary new hair growth supplement for both men and women. The Science Behind Hair Essentials for Hair Growth Hair Essentials for Hair Growth supplement targets dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a hormone that […]

Urban Legend Is True: Redheads Feel More Pain


Redheads have always had a reputation for having fiery personalities, but a new research paper published in the Journal of American Dentistry suggests that people with red hair actually have lower thresholds of pain than those with brown, black, or blonde hair. The study found that those who possessed the red hair mutation were more […]

DIY: Make Your Own Beauty Products at Home

At Natureshealthwatch, we know you’re committed to doing your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that includes using the right products to keep your skin looking its best. But most reputable skincare products on the market are expensive, and full of chemicals and additives. Were you aware that you could create you own, just […]