Energizing Electrolytes: Do or Die


As humans grinding every day, we usually make ourselves the last priority. We don’t sleep enough, eat well enough, or, perhaps most importantly, hydrate appropriately. Now, I know what you’re thinking — what the heck is hydrating “appropriately?” Aren’t we all drinking the same water, from the same sources, and putting them into the same […]

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Sleep.

Most of us attempt to live a healthy life. We try to eat right, exercise regularly, yoga, not stress out too much, save money, and whatever else that might entail. But isn’t it a bitch that none of those things actually matter, if we’re not getting enough rest? That’s right, folks. Your parents, your doctors, and your […]

To Eat or Not to Eat? That is the Question


Being a human in today’s world is challenging. Day in and day out, we receive messages — some subtle, others in BIG, bold leTtErINg — that advise us on allegedly healthy choices to make. We’re told to avoid this, double our serving of that, drink this, don’t smoke that. It’s endless and exhausting but, with so many […]

Bloated Boo-Boos: Easy Quick-Fixes to Forgo the Flab


Let’s face facts: the only pooch you should be worried about is your tiny terrier, not the uncomfortable layer of fat shaped around your midsection. Contingent upon the clothes we wear and the foods we eat, our abdomens are prone to balloon up like a Thanksgiving Day float, forming a flabby spare tire that ain’t so pretty […]

Facial Feuds: Keeping Your Skin Sexy and Supple

Much like serving in the Military, maintaining an envious epidermis takes three things: discipline, consistency, and…the right products. OK, maybe it isn’t just like the Military, but for those of us suffering from cracked, red, and rashy skin, it’s time to pick the right weapons and prepare for battle. After all, pigment problems not only strip […]