MaxGenics Ultra Burn Results

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WHAT MAXGENICS ULTRA BURN DID FOR ME Every supplement company out there makes a fat burner. I mean, it seems like every day there’s something new coming out. With so many on the market its hard to choose which one to pick one. I was looking for  a fat burner because I had surgery on […]

MaxGenics Review – New Testosterone Booster


For many men, getting older means declining testosterone levels – losing the sex drive, muscle mass, erection quality and energy that this hormone helps to create.  Hormone replacement therapy by injections, oral ingestion, or even implantation are just a few of the common medical treatments offered for this condition – often with serious side effects. […]

Will Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics Help Me Gain Muscle?

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You’ve seen the ads…   “Gain 25 Pounds of Muscle… In A WEEK!” I swear these scammers are tracking me on facebook! Every time I log in I see some out-sized beefcake mofo with arms the size of my head, trying to sell me a ‘muscle building supplement’.Are these products complete scams? Well, after looking […]