Are Pilates Right For You?


Pilates is a great form of exercise that uses both the natural resistance of your body and a pilates reformer depending on where you are doing it. It can also be conveniently modified to for practice in your own home on a mat if you can’t get to classes. Pilates differs from yoga so don’t […]

Why You Should Eat Slower

Hungry girl

Eating slower can both help you reduce the amount of food you are eating and also improve your digestion. When you eat too fast your body doesn’t have the time to send you a signal that it’s getting full until you are already full and it’s too late. When you eat more slowly you can […]

What Are The Signs of An Over-Active Thyroid?


The thyroid acts very much like a control center of your body. It is in charge of regulating your metabolism (ability to burn energy); brain development (even into old age as the brain never ceases to improve itself); respiration; heart rate; muscle strength; nervous system; body temperature; cholesterol levels; menstrual cycle; and skin dryness. The […]

Top Mistakes the Average Dieter Makes


Many dieters understand the importance of nutrition. They know that if they eat healthier, fewer calories, they should lose weight. Right?  Well… sometimes. There are definitely things to keep in mind when trying to maintain a healthy weight goal. And many dieters continue to make common mistakes regarding their food, which leads them to continually […]