Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia Review

Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia

Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia By Whole Body Research Review:

When Dr. Oz featured Garcinia Cambogia on his show, he called it the “Weight Loss Holy Grail” and people around the world began to clamor for the supplement. Many companies sprang up overnight to capitalize on the craze. Whole Body Research is a supplement company that has been making Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia for a long time and advertises that their particular Garcinia Cambogia actually exceeds Dr. Oz’s recommendations for a good Garcinia Cambogia supplement.

We chose the Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia to review because their product is all-natural, with no fillers, and 60% HCA (hydroxycitric acid). Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia also contains Potassium, which is recommended by Dr. Oz to help aid in absorption of nutrients. Dr. Oz recommends a Garcinia product with at least 50% HCA (Hydroxycitric acid) with no fillers or binders in order to ensure that the product is at effective dosage quantities. Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia also contains  no magnesium stearate and comes in a vegetarian capsule, unlike other products out there that rely on gelatin and other animal by-products for ingredients.

The way Garcinia Cambogia works is by blocking the storage of fat so that it can be burned as energy. Another added side-effect of Garcinia is that it also increases the serotonin production in the brain, which can increase happiness, improve mood, and lead to a decreased likelihood of emotional binge eating.

The Cost of Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia

A 30-day supply of Whole Body Research Garcinia Cambogia sells for $44.95 which is around the same price as comparable products by other manufacturers. However, most brands on the marked only contain hydroxycitric acid in quantities of 50% or less. The high HCA content and added potassium of the Whole Body Research product makes their Garcinia a much better value.

What the reviews have to say

There were several positive reviews on various websites that praised Garcinia Cambogia for helping give users increased energy and increased fat burning. Because the Whole Body Research formulation is in a higher concentration than most other products on the market, it would seem that their product would exceed the efficacy of most others out there.

Pros of Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia

  • Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  • Added potassium for improved nutrient absorption
  • Contains 60% HCA, the most potent form of Garcinia Cambogia available
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Improves mood

Cons of Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia

  • May cause too rapid of fat loss in some individuals

Final Thought

Whole Body Research offers a 100% money-back guarantee for users that are unsatisfied with their products, which is always a good sign that a company stands behind their products. This Garcinia Cambogia product is one of the only out there that actually exceeds the potency recommendation of Dr. Oz, and includes potassium to aid in the absorption of the essential ingredients. This is recommended for people that need a little extra help with the problem areas of fat that they just cannot lose. Excess belly fat, under arm fat, and thigh fat can be stored by the body as “long-term” deep fat storage and it can be nearly impossible to get rid of without resorting to extreme measures. Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia works well as an extra push to get the body in a “fat burning” mode.

Learn more about Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia on their website.

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  1. I’ve been using this product for a while now.Its amazing how well it works. Love all of their supplements.

  2. Portia Witherspoon-Bryant says:

    I’ve been using garcinia and green coffee for a year now. I give both products 10 stars!!! They’re amazing products that I will continue to use as well as refer others. Thank you WBR…

  3. Mark Engelbert says:

    I have been using Garcinia Cambogia since last summer. I am very pleased with the results. My appetite has been cut drastically! I also use Whole Body Research Green Coffee Beans.

  4. I have been taking Whole Body Garcinia for about 6 months and have not lost any weight. I want to lose 30 pounds. I exercise 4-6 times a week for about 50 minutes also. Very discouraged.

  5. Great product! My daughter couldn’t lose weight from some imbalances in her body for the longest time until she took this with the Whole Body Research Keybiotics.With little to no change in her meals she was more energized, more peaceful, and lost 2 dress sizes in about 3 months. She didn’t really “exercise” she just danced to some music for about 15-25 minutes a day in her room. She has kept the weight off and has now encouraged me to try it out too, I can’t wait!

  6. Natalia Gruia says:

    I am very happy with Garcinia Cambogia it helps me loose weight and gives me a lot of energy. It will always be part of my diet.

  7. Maria Reed says:

    I have been very happy with Garcinia Cambogia. It reduces my appetite and has helped me to lose weight.

  8. William S. says:

    So far this product has not only worked in significant weight loss but also seems to have improved overall regularity. I have been completely happy with this product.

  9. Renee Rios says:

    I have been on the program for a month and a half. I can feel weight lose all over my body. Not in just one area. I will continue my program until I have lost what I need too.

  10. I started taking Key-biotics several months ago and am very pleased with it. I am 68 years old and was having trouble eating a lot of the foods I have always eating. I would be nauseated some of the time and was having a lot of trouble with feeling bloated. Since taking the biotics, I feel good again. It has also helped curb my appetite some. Since having such good luck with this I thought I would try the Garcinia-Cambogia. I want to lose about 25 lbs. I have just received by 3 month supply. I really believe it will help me achieve my goal. I will comment after I have finished taking it.

  11. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and over the years started gaining weight. I decided to try Garcinia Cambogia to see if it could give me some extra energy as promised on Dr Oz, and help loose weight. I researched web reviews for weeks and realized Whole Body had the best reviews. I have been bed ridden since late 2011 when I lost my job. Because I do not eat regular meals I do not take the capsules regularly and I never have the strength to do areobic exercise. Even so I have lost a few pounds and much more importantly I see an immediate difference in mental function, alertness and energy. It really helps get rid of brain fog. Also seems to make a significant difference with digestion which is another major problem with fibromyalgia sufferers. I feel significantly better throughout the day as I believe it is helping to at analyze my boarderline diabetes also. Headaches are less intense. Amazing!!!!
    I give it 5 stars!

  12. My husband and I both use this product from Whole Body Research. It has helped us in our overall health goals! Thank you Whole Body!! I would give Whole Body Research and this product 4.5 stars.

  13. I have been taking this product for 2 weeks now. At first I dropped 3 lbs then in a few days I put on 4 lbs. I have since dropped those lbs but have not lost anything else. I am experiencing diarrhea though.
    I have shared one of my bottles with my daughter-in -law who also has not lost anything either and she needs to lose appx 50 lbs. I need to lose 25.
    I don’t think I will be ordering this again since its a lot of money for something that does not work.

  14. I began using a diet plan mid-January. While researching weight loss I came across Dr. Oz’s program where he was talking about Garcinia Cambogia. I did lots of research before buying from Whole Body Research. I used it for three months and with strict dieting the weight began to melt away. I went from a woman’s size 18W pants to a 14W in no time. I would miss a pill here and there due to my busy schedule so I decided to change brands and used a 800 mg pill twice a day. My weight loss began to slow. I again ordered from Whole Body Research and the weight is moving quicker once again. I’m down 55 lbs. and the last items I bought were a size 10!!! Yes, I do have more weight to lose but the I’m feeling great and on my way to the life I want. I will continue to use Whole Body Research products!

  15. I have been taking the product for a while now, but only before dinner ~ the only substantial meal that I eat daily. I generally do not eat breakfast and have a light lunch. I like this product because of its natural ingredients. I believe that it does suppress appetite. I do not get much exercise each day, and rely on this product to help me maintain my weight, and it has been very effective. I am a real shopper who has thoroughly examined comparable products over the years and can tell everyone that this is the best product on the market by far; try to get it when it is offered on sale as I believe it is rather pricey but worth it!

  16. Michelle says:

    I have only been on the product for a week but appetite is less and not going on the scale to the end of the month when I finish the Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia.
    Thus far I am happy –

  17. I have never tried a supplement like this before. I did extensive research about Whole Body and their product Garcinia-Cambogia. The results of my research provided a lot useful information on both. I decided to go ahead and try Whole Body Garcinia-Cambogia and it has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The product reviews convinced me that the Whole Body Garcinia-Cambogia was the very best on the market. It began working immediately and I actually felt and saw the difference in my weight. At this point my pants fit much much loser and are easier to zip and hook. In fact they now slide down my stomach. I don’t have a scale I can use to weigh myself, but I’m extremely confident that my weight has been reduced significantly. The quality of the Whole Body Garcinia-Cambogia is very good and is consistent in quality and appearance. I strongly urge to try not only Whole Body’s Garcinia-Cambogia but any of there products as well. I believe this strongly in both to say this. John

  18. I have been taking Whole Body Research’s Garcinia Cambogia since late November of last year, and I have to say the product has worked great. Since starting the supplements, I have lost 19 lbs. I have not started exercising or anything, the weight has just came off! It’s the best garcinia product in the market to date.

  19. Marjorie Munroe says:

    I love this product….It is great…All they say about it is true….I have lost quite a bit of weight and I am wearing pants now that before I could not even get in….and to my amazement for some reason I am
    growing fingernails…I never had long nails before….I don’t know if this product has anything to do with
    growing nails but I now have beautiful nails…I would recommend this product to anyone…The
    price is very reasonable and the shipment was here before I knew it….

  20. I am 73 yrs old & am I nervous eater. I find this product suppresses my overall appetite & curbs my craving for sweets. I am ready to order another supply

  21. Frankie Cheaatwiid says:

    I am excited about the Whole Body Garcinia. It doesn’t contain fillers and you only take one capsule before meals. I have been taking it for about 30 days and can tell that I have already lost body fat. My clothes are looser and I have lost over ten pounds. I will continue to take this product until I have lost all my goal weight. I like the method of payment and I always receive my Garcinia in a timely manner. It really works.

  22. I have used the Whole Body Garcinia for nearly three months now. Although the pounds have not melted off as in some of the claims, I have lost about 8 pounds. However, I have noticed that my clothes fit looser, and I am now wearing some of my clothes that I couldn’t fit in a few months ago. I try to exercise regularly, but that’s not always possible. It didn’t seem to suppress my urge to eat, but it certainly makes me feel full after eating less food.

  23. Michelle K. says:

    I have been taking Whole Body Garcinia for a couple of months. I have lost quite a bit of body fat and about 8 pounds. My clothes fit so much better! I have much more energy during the day and I don’t binge eat any more. I love this product and will continue to take it!

  24. I found this product to be extremely helpful in suppressing my appetite in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, which is what likely led to my significant weight loss. I stopped taking it when I ran out and looked for another brand at Whole Foods, where they told me their leading brand was second only to the formula sold by Whole Body Research. I bought one bottle and was not at all happy with the results. I don’t feel it stood up to WBR’s product and am heading back to the site now to replenish my supply. Like with most things, I was skeptical until it worked. This really works.

  25. have been using this product for a month and have seen some results. i ordered the 3 month special and will stay on them for three more month. the company is very prompt and your order is to you in a couple of days.
    thanks for this product.

  26. Christine Eastwood says:

    I have been on this product for a little over a month and I am absolutely thrilled with the results thus far!

  27. I just finished my second month of Garcinia Cambodia, and have only lost three pounds. For me it’s not doing what I think it should. I will continue to take the rest of the product I purchased and along with exercise and monitoring my food intake I hope to lose a little more. I’m not sure I will purchase any more.

  28. Michael Hennessey says:

    WOW!!! It truly works. After years of trying everything to lose weight I’ve done it. Your product has given me a new lease on life. I am an actor and, thanks to you, I am now able to play roles 15 years my junior. In life you have to pay for everything. This is one of the few that is truly worth it.

  29. I haven’t weighed myself yet but I know I have lost inches and fat. My stomach looks smaller and my pants are looser. That’s a great feeling.

  30. Been using the whole body garcinia for about three months. Have lost some weight but have noticed an even greater sleeping pattern while taking it. The weight is coming off slow but sure so remember just like life is a marathon not a sprint so is losing weight.

  31. I have been using the Garcinia Gambogia for a couple of weeks and have lost a couple of pounds but this week I am adding the green coffee beans and Raspberry Ketones. I have also purchased the multi vitamin and calcium to add to my quest to be a better me! The shipping is fast and the products certainly are providing me with more energy and a positive outlook on what I want to do for myself.
    I want to get healthier and look younger and I think these products and that they are created with natural ingredients will be the starting point for me.

  32. Helen Jo Caddy says:

    I have just begun, however I TRUST your work and believe I will have excellent results!

  33. Bevan Edwards says:

    Seems to be helping

  34. I have been on this product for a little over a month. I have only lost 5 lbs! I received my product within the time-frame given to me. I will continue taking this product for a little longer in the hopes I get the results I am seeing elsewhere in these posts.

  35. Galeeshea says:

    I have been using the product for a few months. It has taken longer for me to see results. I didn’t expect it to be so slow. After three months of use, I am seeing a slight difference. I am still waiting for significant changes. I am following the directions. I exercise and eat healthy.

  36. I’ve been on this for a little over a week and have noticed less cravings. In combination with diet and exercise, I’ve lost 3 lbs this week!

  37. Barbara Mullock says:

    I have been trying to loose weight but not been successful, so I tried Garcinia Cambogia. I have lost 11lbs since starting at the beginning of February. I swim every day and bike ride and I eat sensibly I also drink a glass of wine a day. I would like to lose another 10lbs so I have bought a second 3 month course of the capsules.

  38. I have been taking this product for two weeks. I dont know if I have really lost much wieght as I have not wieghed, but my clothes seem to be fitting a bit better. I do have more energy and have noticed that I get full a lot faster…I also do not have the desire to eat all the time that I had before.

  39. I have been on this product for about a week. However, I started with the Keybiotics 2 months ago and my cravings are gone! I control how much I eat and I don’t go hunting for something sweet to eat anymore! I still have burning toes once in while from candida, but I have noticed changes in my body from the usual candida cravings, burning, yeast and I have a little clearer thinking.
    I started the GC about a week ago, I have not really noticed any changes that I can attribute to GC yet because I already noticed changes from the Keybiotics by starting to get my gut cleaned up; however, I noticed that my clothes fit looser around my waist, so I will continue. I have noticed that when I ate some ice cream and another time when I ate chocolate I did not have a bad reaction through out my entire body! That was very nice, not a reason to eat those foods, but a pleasant result of taking the Keybiotics!
    I have about 25 pounds to loose and I want to loose the belly, underarms and inner thighs. I have not started exercising yet, we are in the middle of a move to a new home, once established I will return to a good exercise routine. So I will let you know in a few months how it is all working for me.
    The service is prompt, Craig has great well researched reports on products, sugar, fats and tips for weights reduction and continued healthier lifestyle. I really appreciate that!

  40. I ordered a bottle and even though it took a while to get to me, the customer service was wonderful. I took it, didn’t change my diet a whope lot and lost a few lbs but I think going to order again with the coffee bean and adjust my diet a bit to see better results

  41. I have been taking Garcinia Cambogia for 2 months. This product has changed my outlook on life in general. I have more energy (staying away from the favorite chair in the afternoon also helps), I have a waist line again; the “bloat” in my mid-section is shrinking day-by-day; I am eating at least 1/3 of what I used to eat at each meal; I have shrunk in size from an 18/20 pant size to a 14/16 pant size. This product works, no doubt about it. But, it has to be taken as ordered…no skimping or forgetting.

  42. Elaina Rippel says:

    I’ve been using Whole Body Research Garcinia Gambogia for about 3 weeks now and it has helped me lose and keep off those pesky 5lbs. Combine with the Whole Body Research Green coffee been extract I’ve lost the body fat and gained muscle through exercise. I’ll be beach body ready in days!!

  43. I have been using Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia for about two weeks and I can tell my clothes are getting loose. So this make me feel good about this product. I will continue to use it. Looking forward to seeing better results over long term. I would recommend to all of my friends.

  44. Rachel H says:

    I have really enjoyed my experience with Garcinia Cambogia. I have lost 10 lbs and have so much more energy. I will definitely be ordering again.

  45. After seeing Dr.Oz and finding out about Garcinia Cambogia, the natural way to handle stress, I was hooked. I purchased a bottle from a local health food store. The brand I bought was okay, after a week I noticed a difference. Once finished with that bottle, I searched the web for another brand. I came across a review on Whole Body Research Garcinia Cambogia and was quite impressed. The review named Whole Body Research as the #1 brand available. I called and spoke with the owner, he answered all my questions and concerns. I purchased one bottle to try the product and was thoroughly convinced that Whole Body Research Garcinia Cambogia was for me. I have since continued to buy from Whole Body Research and I’m very satisfied. As one of millions of women who suffer from unwanted belly fat, I can honestly say their product works. I’m a very health conscious person and don’t want, need or like belly fat. Since starting Garcinia Cambogia I’ve noticed a difference in my mid-section. I like that this supplement is all natural and helps with stress, the cause of belly fat and suppresses your hunger and offers energy. Now my workouts and running is more effective. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants a natural way to handle stress, hunger and have more energy.

  46. Elizabeth Sedeno says:

    I have been taking Whole Body Garcinia for two months now and I’ve lost 17 pounds! I find it curbs my appetite so I eat less. For those who have not had such great results I recommend you add the Keybiotics as well. I feel my results are due to the fact that I’m using both products simultaneously. With the keybiotics alone I lost weight slowly. Combined with the Garcinia I lose fat as well. My clothes are loose and my body has more mobility. As a result of these two products, my body and mind are better able to consciously reject anything that is unhealthy. I can walk by junk food, sodas and deserts without having a desire for them. When I eat I fill up quickly and last hours without hunger. I no longer have room or desire for snacks. I find that if I over eat just a little the body feels terrible for 24 hours. It’s been an adjustment period but certainly worth it. Good luck!

  47. I came to Whole Body through Athletic Greens. At 64 yr young I finally realized how unhealthy I really was. Taking Athletic Greens, I eliminated all processd food, white four, rice and sugar. Tried Keybiotics Probiotic to deal with sugar and various digestive issue and after one month am adding GC. Eliminating all the garbage at the Grocery Store has helped. Actively looking into to the damage the American food Industry has done to our collective health. Eating lean meat occasionally, eggs, raw veggies and fruits, have eliminated most dairy I have been pain free(arthritic ankle)and struggling to eat all the food I need to eat to lose, yet my pants are bagging and I can definitly see it in my face. I can’t say enough about Keybiotics Probiotic and Athletic Greens combined with GC, I may even add the Green Coffee. I walk everyday in my job. Happy so far!

  48. I have been using Whole Body GC for one week, normal intake, 1200 calories, and moderate exercise, I am down 5.0 lbs. Will continue to monitor. With out some effort and a change in your daily habits, and life style, nothing is going to be that miracle product.

  49. Angela Duncan says:

    I’ve only been taking this product for a little over a week. I had tried another company prior to this for this same thing…was very disappointed. Too many stimulants and cases of severe stomach upset and zero results. I’ve lost 5 lbs already in this week and see a difference in the size of my belly…quite impressed. Was suffering from debilitating indigestion and now its gone. I’ve been taking it in conjunction with the green coffee bean supplements. I’ve had more energy and have felt great…the turn around time for delivery was exceptional. Great product, wholeheartedly recommend this product.

  50. Brad Matthews says:

    I have been using Garcinia Gambogia for 3 months and am nearing the upper end of the normal range of the Body Mass Index (BMI) for my age and height. I do not consider it a miracle drug, but rather a helpful supplement that can increase weight loss if you eat healthy and exercise. I have also recently added Probiotics to my daily regimen and think it is helping me to lose more weight as well. Don’t use these products as your only resource for losing weight. Give yourself three months and use these products to supplement your weight loss plan with a healthy diet and exercise (walking 10,000 steps a day for me). It works!!!!!!!

  51. My husband and I have been using Whole food Garcinia Cambogia for about 2 weeks.. we were very excited to start using it … but after 2 weeks we see no difference in our weight or our pant sizes etc. I feel like we hae been spoofed again by the false advertising that goes on on hte internet!! If you know of any tips we can try let us know.
    Good Intentions!!

  52. I think is working great. Received product in timely manner. Would recommend!

  53. i’ve seen good results with this product.

  54. I’m new to the product, but I can tell its having positive effects. I’m eating less and not hungry. I have more energy. Looking forward to seeing better results over long term. I would recommend to all of my friends.

  55. I’am pleased to say product delivery was on time as they said it would be and I have been using the product for a week today and I myself didn’t do a weigh-in before taking the product but My plans are to do a weigh-in every week on Saturdays to see my progress. I have been working out also and I must say I feel great and more energy these days!!

    Great product, two thumbs up!

  56. The product has met and in some cases exceeded my expectations. I will continue using it and hope to have continued success.

  57. I’ve been taking the product now for approx 4 months and I’ve lost abt
    10 pounds. I like the fact that the product doesn’t make you feel jumpy
    or causes your heart to race.

  58. Tried it before for 3 months, it worked and I love. When I found similar product on shelf in NZ (a different brand of course!!) it did not work as well. I now have a 9 supply plus the Green Coffee. Day 2 and I can feel an tell the difference already. GREAT STUFF. I know I am losing he weight. I highly recommend it and delivery from the States to NZ is about 7-10 days.

  59. 3 weeks and it seems to be helping. I am also exercising with the product, but I have lost about 4 lbs.

  60. totally satisfied with my Whole Body garcinia cambogia and it doesn’t affect my medical problems. very thankful because my thyroid problems are not easy to deal with.

  61. Daniele Sowers says:

    I love it! Whole Body Research is great! They have a great product that really works!

  62. Been using Garcinia fir 2 months, less appetite and have lost 20 lbs.

  63. No doubt my hunger is less! So far so good.

  64. I recently started taking Garcinia Cambogia after researching the various products out there. I am truly impressed with the energy and noticeable burning going on so soon after taking the capsules. I am a satisfied client that would recommend their ability to take back your eating habits. My wife & I have noticed less hunger and eating smaller portions. There are no side effects and looking forward to reordering this product knowing that it WORKS!

  65. mary barnes says:

    i don’t have a problem with the products offered and have decided to try a few of them. my problem is with the shipping department. they send me stuff i don’t order! i’ll explain. i ordered the green coffee bean and they threw in a 3 bottle order of garcinia. i ordered keybiotics and they added an order of fast fungal-rid….i have to call the 800 number to correct everything..what’s up with that?

  66. It really helps control my appetite.

  67. Suzanne says:

    I have started taking another brand of Garcinia Cambogia 2 months ago and have lost 15 lbs. I recently changed to the whole body brand and I am going to start the green coffee bean. There is a big differenc in the Whole body brand. I highly recommend this brand.

  68. Joanne Beebe says:

    This is my first month and already I have noticed a difference. I researched this product thoroughly and found your website to provide the most useful information. Your cost was reasonable as well as information. I especially appreciated the immediate payment and no automatic deduction. Here’s hoping for more and more good results.


  69. I havent been cosistant in taking the garcinia but i do feel that it is helping. I have lost 12 lbs, but I also have been dieting and excercising.

  70. Ferdinando Mauro says:

    Whole Body Research put’s out a great garcinia cambogia product. I’ve tried others and all I found was disappointment. I have been on Whole Body’s product for one week and have lost ten pounds, and I am very happy. I am here to tell you that I am sleeping again and my mood has improved dramatically. I am now feeling great and ready for tomorrow. I am getting ready to order more from Whole Body Research and I just want to say THANK YOU for distributing a superior product.

  71. I have been using for 2 weeks. I am not as hungry, do not snack between meals, lost 4 pounds.

  72. GC helps my body as a whole work in a more balanced way. I have not noticed any side effects. Its been 1 month and I plan to continue.

  73. After reaching that age where the pounds start to add on and you don’t feel like you did when you were younger, I spoke with some of my fellow co-workers about the Garcinia Cambogia. I am on my third bottle. I don’t eat as much and I am exercising more and feeling better. I am going to try the other products as well with the GC and hopefully watch the pounds melt away. Thanks to Whole Body Research for the all natural products.

  74. Stan Miike says:

    I’m on my last bottle of garcinia cambogia and I feel great. I will be ordering more shortly.

  75. I am completely AMAZED by this product! I wanted to wait at least 2 weeks before posting a review, however after only 3 days I have noticed a HUGE difference! I am not hungry like before, and the cravings for sweets are no more! This product works GREAT! I will post another update at my two week mark, but I highly urge anyone who wants change, to ORDER products from Whole Body Research!

  76. I have just started using Garcinia Cambogia, within the last few days. I would like to compliment Whole Body Research for their fast delivery. I received my bottle within 7 days from the day I ordered it. Excellent customer service!!!

  77. MaarianneMinato says:

    I have tried a one month supply of garcinia cambogia after chemo therapy and radiation for endometrial adenocarcinomas and did not notice any change in my body’ belly fat. So perhaps I need to extend the use to several months to see and feel some benefits.

  78. Only one day and three pills, and I am not so hungry anymore! I am also taking Keybiotics, and I can tell the difference only from two days… I will get back to you in about a week.

  79. I have noticed Garcinia Cambogia does suppress my appetite. I don’t have the urge to snack between meals. Will continue taking it.

  80. Garcinia Cambogia works great. I am 48 pounds thinner and I feel SO much better. this pill has worked
    so good for me. Give it a try.

  81. Arnold Divine says:

    I am amazed how good this product is . I have never had a product that helps with the emotion eating . It is amazing in helping curve the cravings and I just say … I am not hungry. I love it . I have lost 43lbs in the last year and then I saw Dr.Oz introduce this product. I thought oh gee another product that wont work. Well.. I am here to say it works !!!! I am very happy !!!! Keep the product coming !!!!!

  82. I have been taking Garcinia for about three days. I have lost about 4 pounds mostly because I am not as hungry as I was before taking it. What I have seen so far I like. I bought a month’s supply with the hopes of getting back under 190 pounds which has been hard since October, it is February 26 today. I was at 192-195 pounds before taking the Garcinia. In the 3 days I have dropped to 187 pounds. I am sure the Garcinia is the reason.

  83. I have been taking Garcinia Cambogia three times a day for two months and combining it with Weight Watchers and moderate exercise. I have lost twenty pounds in the two months which that is about as much as I would have expected to lose on Weight Watchers alone and have lost in the past. However with the Garcinia I have noticed a definitely remarkable lack of hunger day after day. This is unmistakable as I have been paying attention to it for a full eight weeks.

    • I just got my Garcinia Cambogia on febuary 22nd and have been taking it for about five days and trying to cut calories and cutting sugar out of my diet, as much as, possible. I notice that I feel more energetic, not weighing for a week or two. I will get back with you on the results. I am still waiting on the Keybiotics. Can’t wait to start them in combination with the Garcinia Cambogia. Thinking positive and expecting great results!!! I really appreciate the healthy tips and customer support via email. I think this company actually does want us to succeed with our goals of being healthier and having a better lifestyle. Thank you and keep the tips coming.

  84. Good products

  85. Lin Blocker says:

    Started Whole Body Reserch products Jan. 2014
    Like the products except now I am getting mixed feelings on the sale prices.
    If I am a loyal customer, why don’t they offer the 50% off all products I order??
    Linda Blocker

  86. The berst product I have tried so far. All the other products have artificail fillers. Have been thoroughly satisfied with the product.

  87. I started taking Garcinia in December and have seen results. I don’t pay attention to the scale, only how I feel and how my clothes fit and the love handles are now gone. I also have a yoga routine twice a week and have a pretty healthy diet most of the week but I feel the supplement is a great addition!

  88. I started this product at the beginning of December. I was apprehensive of trying something new, but, I had no adverse side effects. It did restrict my appetite. I follow a weight loss program for structure, stay away from sweets, watch my carbs. I check my weight weekly. I have been losing 1 1/2 # – 2# weekly, which is unusual for me. After about 2 weeks, I noticed my clothes were fitting a lot better! I could definitely see the difference in the mirror. I am losing in my stomach area, hips, thighs, all the hard to lose areas! I am on my 3rd bottle. I feel better, more energy! It got me through the holidays & I wasn’t even watching that we’ll. I have lost over 14 pounds so far & still losing! I will be ordering more! I am quite satisfied!

  89. Started garcinia a few months ago. I also took green coffee bean, but cut down to one pill twice a day – I likemy diet coke too much and that was too much caffeine. Cut down my appetite and I have lost about 15 lbs. Certainly will continue to use the product.

  90. I’m 62 and have been using this product for 4 weeks and only lost 2 lbs…not dropping like I expected.

  91. I’ve been on a eating regiment for 5 months today. My calorie intake is 1500-2000 a day. I do 30 min. of cardio a day and do strength training. I’ve used this product for 2 months and as of today I have lost 77 pounds. I do not eat at fast foods, no snacks or munchies I eat a clean healthy 5 meals a day and with portion control. I feel this product has helped with my regiment and I have went from 26 jeans to size 18. I’m buying more of this product because it does go well with my eating regiment. I plan on losing another 53 pounds till I get to my goal weight. I plan on using this after I get there to help maintain my weight. I feel the two eating regiment and Garcinia go well together.

    • Oh my gosh, that is great progress Debbie!!! So happy for you. I am 50 and I seesaw back and forth from a size 20 to size 22. I am miserable this big and have to have a knee replacement in the near future, also, have some back issues. So exercising is limited right now. I am trying to keep to a 1500 calorie diet and cutting out sugar, as much as possible. Just started this product about five days ago and drinking alot of water. I do some leg strengthening exercises, but that’s about it. Any helpful tips you have would be greatly appreciated. I ordered the Keybiotics, haven’t received them yet. I am going to take them in combination with the Garcinia Cambogia. Are you taking any other products with your Garcinia and could you email me a sample of your daily diet? I need all the advice I can get. Thanks, in advance:))

  92. When I was just taking the product alone I lost a few pounds after 2 months. But after I started the program the weight is starting to come of quicker.

  93. Have been taking whole body garcinia gambogia for a couple of weeks. Have adapted to the three pills a day and am gradually losing weight…about 11/2pounds per week. That works for me. Am exercising five days per week and emphasizing a lo carb diet. I feel good and folks at the Y are noticing change!

  94. Diane Santino says:

    I have only been on the product for 5 days and I dropped 3 lbs. Delivery was right on time with no problems. I want to have hope in this product so I will continue to use for 1 month and see what happens. I do sleep better at night and I do feel a decrease in appetite. My sugar craving (which is my problem) have also subsided.

  95. I’ve lost 21.5 lbs in 44 days , I think that speaks for itself its an Awesome Product . I’m hoping to loose 70 more pounds! it makes it so easy to take the weight off . I really havent done much exercising yet.

  96. Mary Mooney says:

    I have been taking Garcinia Cambogia for 3 weeks now I noticed right off the bat that my hunger
    was decreased and it didn’t have any side effects and it fit right in with the vitamins I take and
    medicine I take which was a real plus. I have lost 5 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. I am really
    excited about this product because I really need to lose weight due to Sciatica and this I
    believe will help me do that. I will keep posting I think it is important for all of us that are
    over weight.

  97. So far so good…i have lost a few pounds and seem to feel a little more energetic. The customer service and delivery of the product was good.

  98. Silvia Schmid says:

    Just received my first bottle after only a few days of ordering it. The delivery time was very quick…thank you. Tomorrow I will start with great expectations. I will get back to you with the results. I do hope it is everything that I have been waiting for. :)

  99. Juris Skudre says:

    I have been taking this for 2 weeks and it is working have loose clothing and a lot of energy,got the product in great time thank you

  100. I have used Whole Body GC for three months and notice weight loss along with mood improvement. Price is in line with competition and delivery is consistant. I also take with Green coffee bean extract which seems to help.

  101. Angel Kellams says:

    I have been taking it for 2 weeks & also started working out again. So far I have lost 3 lbs. but I read u need to take the green coffee bean (or something like that) to see the most dramatic results, so I am going to order that too & see if it makes a difference.

  102. I ordered 3 months of GC on Jan. 24, and received the product on Feb 10. I am in Canada so it took a bit longer than U.S. customers. I don’t own a scale, but took some measurements this morning along with my first pill. My plan is to take weekly measurements along with jumping on the scale while at the gym. Really looking forward to posting some positives results……and hopefully a good nights sleep like others have noted.

  103. It did not take long to get my 1st shipment. I have only been on it for about 2 weeks. It has really helped on my digestive system. I have not weighted yet but will after taking the 1st bottle. So far I think it helps on the amount I want to eat.

  104. I have only been taking Garcinia for about two weeks. I have some serious health issues, and this product seems to be giving me a lot more energy. My constant cravings for “something” is much less.
    I’m looking forward to being healthier and much leaner!

  105. I have only been taking it a week and don’t see much of a difference in weight but I do not feel cravings as much. I am a very small eater to begin with and my weight gain was the result of menopause and a drug I took after breast cancer to remove estrogen from my body all of it is in my mid section. I will see how this goes. Service was good. Hope it works I have to loose at least 20 pounds preferably 30

  106. Stephanie Peters says:

    I have been using Garcinia Cambogia for 3 months and have lost 14 pounds, which is very good for me since I am disabled and get very little exercise. Even though I am losing slowly or some weeks not at all, I am not gaining…which I think has alot to do with taking this product. I have about 50 more pounds to lose so I will keep taking it until I reach my goal.

  107. I have been taking these for quite a while (on my third bottle) and I have only lost a little weight (but it’s really hard for me to lose weight because of health issues), yet I do think that these pills really help process and metabolize sugars and carbs. I have PCOS and am therefore insulin resistant and don’t really get a period or ovulate, but these pills not only threw my hormones back into where they were supposed to be and allowed me to get my period but I think they also have got me ovulating again. Although it may not work on my in the traditional way that they are meant to work, they are giving me a real benefit. These should really be more widely used by doctors instead of chemical medications!

  108. I started taking this product a month ago. I have lost 10 pounds and would probably lose more if I would
    stop drinking Dr.Pepper. You have to stay 1500 calories a day or less for it to work.

  109. I have tried Garcinia from Whole Body and it works well. I tried another cheaper brand and it’s not working so well so I will be ordering from Whole Body again. While on Garcinia I feel better and am not eating just to pass the time or when something stresses me out.

  110. The garcinia product has given more energy than I have had in a long time.

  111. I have just started taking Garcinia this my first week. I do have an increase in energy and do see a curb in my appetite. To be honest it took a while to get my first shipment as they were sold out. I am glad I purchased 3 month worth to see the real effects of this product. I will keep you updated month to month.

  112. I’ve been taking the supplements for a week now, so that is likely not an accurate time period for weight loss, however, I have more energy than usual and have noticed that I am generally in a MUCH better mood, so they are worth it just for that. Maybe some weight loss will be a bonus. I have noticed that it seems easier to stop eating, rather than just keep going from one thing to another.

  113. I lost 3 1/2 lbs the first month and now have just started on my second bottle. With the 2nd bottle I am seeing a decrease in my appetite. I also have more energy which it seems that kicked in on the 2nd bottle also. I have been walking 4 miles a day and hope to continue losing weight.

  114. I have been taking GC for about a week now and I can tell that my digestion is better and I feel like my clothes are fitting looser.YAY ME!

  115. I am taking Garcinia Cambogia for 6 days and never felt better in my life. I already have lost a few pounds with the help of a 1,200 calorie diet. I also do light exercise sometimes. Garcinia Cambogia keeps me full and energetic. I also have been sleeping better. I just ordered another three bottle and will continue to use this product.

  116. I feel the overall quality of the company and the product is great. I have only been taking GC for almost a week and have lost two pounds with no exercise. I will continue the product and plan to start exercising for better overall health and weight loss. Since I only have 20lbs to lose, it is stubborn weight to get off in my mid 40’s so I am encouraged by this product as a boost to proper diet and exercise.

  117. Took the product for one month. It seamed to work but I did not take as directed.
    I am now takeing as directed and with the green tea.
    Seems to be workding will let you know.

  118. I’m very pleased with the customer service and item quality with Whole Body GC. Taking a vegetable capsule 30 mins before eating is an easier task than what i assumed it would be. Appetite is in perspective, and i look forward to hopeful weight loss. It’s been too soon to notice a difference in the scales just yet. I will continue to order the product until I’m convinced it’s not worth the expense. So far, I’m convinced it will be.

    • I’ve started taking this product for about a week and I can feel some real changes in my body. I feel much lighter. Let’s see what it does after two weeks.

  119. Deborah Kelly says:

    I am on my thrid bottle of Garcinia Cambogia. And I just ordered another 3 month supply. It doesn’t work as fast as you may think but it works great. As my husband says I didn’t gain it over night and don’t expect to lose it over night. I have lost a total of 30#’s since Labor Day, but my first 10#’s was before I started the garcinia. I have tried many, many weight lose products and nothing ever worked before this. It diffently suppresses your appitite to the fullest. I have gone from a size 16 to a size 12 and I haven’t seen a size 12 in years. I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received. The inches are rolling off! I have another 25#’s to go to reach my goal and I don’t see aproblem in doing so. Yes, there is alot of garcinia products out there so do your research like I did to get the best there is. Good Luck everybody. I am diffently a well satisfied customer.

  120. I have been taking this for over a month now and saw little result. My appetite is significantly reduced but my pant size isn’t. I will order again if there is another sale but if not I don’t think it’s worth the $45

  121. I have only been taking this product for 4 days, but I have lost a lb. I feel better using it and I think my appetite is suppressed a bit. I am an eater and this is the only time I have ever felt less hungry while on a “diet”. I am hoping to see a few more lbs before I buy additional supplements.

  122. It’s day one and I am so shocked how well this product works. It arrived pretty quick. It has made a big difference in my life today and will get back with you in 2 weeks for confirmation of wonderful results.
    I can’t see how it can be better. I just love it.

  123. I just started taking the product and feel the appetite suppressent and an overall better feeling. Looking forward to weighing myself I. 1 week. I am doing all the steps, taking the product, drinking my daily water intake, watching my portions and what I eat and exercising. I should see some results.

    I’ll check in later!

  124. Jessica Day says:

    Afte 3 months there has been some effect. Especially in my arms, which have always had more on them than I like. So in that area GC has been great. GC I wouldn’t say is a miracle but I did take it all during the holidays and those holiday pounds did not appear. So something is working.

  125. This is the second time purchasing Garnicia. This time also added Green Coffee bean. I have already lost about 4# without changing my eating habits or exercising. I do track calories, and intent to exercise.
    I would recommend Whole Body Research for offering quality products and efficient delivery.

  126. I just starting taking Carcinia Gambogia and I notice a difference. Even in how my food digests and no longer feel bloated or over eat. My order came quick and customer service kept me inform along the way. I plan I continuing to take this product as long as available. Thank you

  127. Patrick A. Baron says:

    I have been Whole Body Research Garcinia Cambogia for 3 weeks now and I have to tell you it really does has an effect on suppressing my appetite and I have so much energy! I have had a sense of well being too being bipolar this really is a bonus! I do not believe in looking at the scale so I really do not know how much weight i have lost. But I am very optimistic about this product!

  128. Wanted to see if the hype was true. I did not make any changes in diet or exercise. I have taken the Whole Body GC for one month. Although I have not seen any dramatic weight loss I do feel better and am less bloated. I would take it just for those benefits, maybe if I am a little more careful about my diet and exercise I will lose weight! We will see.

  129. I did a lot of research before I purchased this product and also re-watched the part on Dr Oz that they talked about how much weight loss there would be, 4lbs if don’t change diet at all or 12lbs by adding exercise and diet change. Which is about the average weight loss for a month with diet and exercise. Not the miracle drug that we all hoped for.
    I have started out slow with the pills because I wasn’t sure how my body would react to them. After the 3rd day I seem to be handling them okay with only once having a slight headache. I take one before breakfast and one before dinner, they do have an appetite suppressant effect. The only thing I don’t like about them is because the pill floats I have a hard time to swallow, but have found if I place them in water for 30seconds they go down much better.
    I am on the Atkins diet which helped me lose over 100lbs back 10years ago but within the last few years I’ve let myself be food stupid and have put 20lbs back on so with the help of Atkins and garcinia cambogia I hoping to lose the 20lbs so far so good. I will keep you all posted

    • Jacqueline Killoran says:

      I began taking this product on January 5th so it’s been a week and a half. I did my research first and found Whole Body Research to be the most believable, so thought I’d give it a whirl. Haven’t weighed myself since my physical on January 7th (it was a bummer)! I have noticed my stomach feels less bloated and a very small difference overall, but I’ve just begun so will keep you posted!

  130. I have been taking gc for a week and have lost 4 lbs. VERY HAPPY

  131. Pam Spurlock says:

    Like product I order really well. Got my order quickly. Will do business here again.

  132. I have just completed my first bottle of GC and am completely satisfied with the results. After ordering, I received the delivery promptly, reviewed the item and found it was exactly as advertised, then started taking the capsule at lunch and dinner (I don’t eat that much at breakfast). After just a month I have lost 6 lbs. It would have been more but I got off my ‘eat healthy’ and exercise regime two or three times so taking the GC kept me from gaining an excess of weight to match the eating. I am totally satisfied with this product.

  133. Debbie Neyland says:

    I absolutely love Garcinia Cambogia. I started taking these (one 30 minutes before meals) on Wednesday, Jan 1,2014. I weighed myself. A whopping 173.5 pounds. I am 5’4″ tall, 61 years old and on hormone replacement therapy. Nothing I’ve done has helped all these awful pounds I have put on since starting taking hormones. Well, thanks to Whole Body Research Garcinia Cambogia that has all changed now. Wednesday 1/1/2014 173.5 pounds, Thurs 1/2 172.5 pounds, Friday 1/3 171.5 pounds, Saturday 1/4 170.4 pounds, Sunday 169.6 pounds. I was thrilled (and still am). I however did stop dropping pounds Monday and Tuesday. I was also very constipated. I had forgotten a VERY important part of the instructions. DRINK one glass of water with pill. I started doing that and am very happy to report that today, Wednesday 1/8/2014, I am not constipated, I dropped another pound. ANd 1 inch in my waist. I feel great………. Not blurry headed or frazzled. I feel like I have backed up the clock 10 years. I am in a better mood and am sleeping much better. Thank you so much Whole Body for this awesome product. Now, I think I will get off my sofa and turn on a Jane Fonda exercise video. :)

  134. I have noticed a difference, it seems I am losing inches. I feel healthier and more energetic than before. I recommend this product for a healthier lifestyle.

  135. I’m just finishing my 3rd bottle and although I haven’t had dramatic weight loss in just one area, I feel like I’m losing weight more evenly and literally have no cravings and a definite loss of appetite. I look forward to continuing my journey to better health with Garcinia Cambrogia from Whole Body Research.

  136. Started taking Garcinia Cambrogia just before Christmas and immediately noticed no more bloating. Haven’t seen a decrease in appetite or weight loss but the bloating issue is enough for me to continue to take the product.

  137. Joyce Evelyn says:

    Have only been using this for about a month but I have lost15 of the 35 I gained after I had cancer. Having teeth worked on might have helped some but I’m looking forward to the next 15 lbs being gone.

  138. I have been using Garcinia Cambodia with some success. I definitely am craving less and feel satisfied eating less. I am looking forward to trying it with the green coffee which I just purchased. I like Whole Body products. I feel that they are pure, test well (for me) and I would definitely recommend the brand.

  139. C Batchelder says:

    I purchased my Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia a week before the holiday season. I did not weigh myself before using but sensed I had put on weight. I did not want to gain any more weight from the baking I do during the holidays. I read many articles about the product and found that Whole Body products were the purest and the best brand to purchase. I also, on impulse, purchased one bottle of their Green Coffee Beans to try as well. Both products are excellent! I found that using the green coffee beans along with the garcinia cambogia gave me much more energy. I have, in two weeks, gone from a size 10 jean size to a size 6 without changing my diet. On hindsite, I wish I had purchased more of the green coffee beans when I purchased the Garcinia Cambodia. I will only order any future supplements from Whole Body, and yes, I am purchasing more coffee beans as soon as I get paid. I was extremely skeptical in the beginning, but the results have given me the proof I needed.

  140. I ordered this product and it took a long time to get here. When I remember to take it I feel it does suppress my appetite. I will reorder the product.

  141. This product was easy to order and I really appreciated the fast delivery. I’m impressed with the “quality check” inspections Whole Body Research has invested in. I’ve enjoyed the product for about a month. The best benefit for me has been the appetite suppression. I’m hopeful I’ll reach my weight loss goals over the next 3 months.

  142. I have taken this product for 2 months. Haven’t weighed in but can tell that I have lost some belly fat. No noticeable side effects. Going take for another month.

  143. john redondo says:

    I ordered this product maybe three weeks ago. and just started 12/31. I must say I already feel a decrease in appetite. so I’m sure this will work. I am going to order more. so I will keep all informed of my progress.

  144. marnie main says:

    I had hit a plateau on my weight loss and was very frustrated so I tried your product and started losing weight again. once the holidays are over and I get back on my normal routine I know i’ll lose even more.I will send an update when i reach my goal. Thank you for helping me out of my rut.

  145. Kim McCormick says:

    I have taken this for two months about to order my third bottle. I seem to have more energy and have lost total of 5 pounds. No side affects. Shipping is a little slow but overall a good product.

  146. Barbara Pivarnik says:

    I’ve been taking GC for almost three months and have lost 21lbs and two dress sizes. I’ve been trying for 30 years to loose the weight gained from prednisone. I’m finally on my way . I still have a long way to go but now I know I can do it. Thank you, Whole Body Research, for the great product.

  147. Dale Matthews says:

    Only purchased one (1) bottle to start. Wanted to make sure product lived up to Dr Oz’s claims. Found Whole Body Research on Natures Health Watch Web site that rated the different company’s providing Garcinia Cambogia. I have now lost one waist size in three weeks. GREAT product… Will be ordering the 3 pack next. Thank You Whole Body Research.

  148. Frank Umbro says:

    I bought a 3 pack for myself, my daughter & my wife. My daughter has lost 1 lb a day for the past week! She has not complained of any side-affects. I have lost 3 lbs so far. My daughter Jessica has not changed her diet or exercise and is amazed…

  149. Dominick Amorosano says:

    Garcinia Cambogia is truly a great product that really works. My wife and I have started using this product the week before Thanksgiving. The combination of diet, exercise and the use of Garcinia
    Cambogia has produced very rapid weight loss and inches off our bodies. Within a month we loss 20 Lbs each. This product has a feel good effect and reduces hunger urges. Love this product.

  150. In the first five months of 2013, I went from 225 lbs to 195 by change of diet. I haven’t gained any weight back, but I have not been able to drop below 195 since last May (6 months has lapsed). I started the Garcinia Cambogia on the first of December and I have gradually and steadily started to loose weight again, I’m down to 190 in 17 days.

    • I have been taking this product for a couple of months now. First thing I noticed was a decrease in food craving. I did lose about 5lbs during this period, however I did watch what I ate. This last time I ordered I have not received my product in a timely manner…a little concerned about that issue, but needless to say I am pleased with the results of this product.

  151. I have been taking Whole Body Research Garcinia Cambogia for a little over a week. I received the bottle promptly after ordering….approximately 3 days prior to when they said I would receive it. I was very skeptical of taking a “diet pill”. I asked my doctor her opinion and after doing some research she thought it would be ok for me to take. In the last week taking this supplement combined with a low carb diet and 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week, I have lost 8#! I am diabetic and since taking this along with my other lifestyle changes my blood sugars are 100% better. I would recommend this product highly, but only if it has nothing other than the HCA and potassium in it. I think you start having bad side effects when you buy the cheap stuff that has fillers in it. Also, check with your doctor before taking if you are on other medications just to make sure there will be no interactions. HIGHLY recommend this product from Whole Body Research!!

  152. I have been taking this product for over five days now, along with relatively consistent diet and exercise (exercising 5 days per week). Before this product, I did not notice weight loss, however within these past five days I have lost two and a half pounds. I am eager to continue taking this product and see where these results take me.

  153. i enjoy the product seems to be working but hard to say how well considering i just started a week ago but is does suppress hunger and seems to keep your mood good which is hard when your dieting.

  154. sheikh laye says:

    I ordered the GC from whole body research. I was happy with the time it took for the delivery plus they emailed me a tracking number so I could see the progress of the delivery. I got it a day earlier than the expected day of delivery. I have been taking the GC for a week, I have not notice any weight loss but I sleep better and I’ve a lot of energy during the day. I am not as hungry as I used to be during the day. I would recommend the products from whole body research. I am very pleased with the whole experience.

  155. I have been taking the GC for two weeks and have went down one pants size without vigorous exercise. I will continue to take the product beyond one month for sure.

  156. L. sanchez says:

    I’ve been taking the GC pill for two weeks now and I’ve lost about 4 pounds. I sleep better and I have increased energy. I’m going to continue taking it for a couple of months to see if the belly fat goes down.

  157. I’ve been using this product for a couple of months now and ave experimented a little with it. People talk about weight “melting off without changing anything else” but this is not my experience. However I do see a clear change in my metabolism and an undeniable improvement in mood and decrease in cravings. Coincidental or not, I have also noticed a significant decrease in hot flashes symptomatic of menopause. I read a report somewhere that linked Garcinia with balancing hormones but have not since seen corroboration.

  158. John Sugros says:

    I’ve taken the GC product for one week and notice a decrease in appetite and PERHAPS a loss of fat. My plan is to continue taking the product 3X daily, ~30 minutes before meals (although I eat only twice daily) and determine the overall result at the end of the first bottle. I feel confident that the product will work as advertised, and its effect will very likely be accelerated as I begin a moderate exercise program. Overall, I’d say my experience has been positive, and I would recommend it to others.

  159. Sharon Wright says:

    I have been taking your product for about a week and am very pleased. I have lost a couple of pounds and my appetite has definitely decreased. I took another garcinia cambogia product from another company without any results and was very disappointed. I then did some research and liked what I found about your product. I think I will be recommending it to all my friends.

  160. My wife and I have been taken the Green Coffee and Garcinia together for two months now and yes we see a big difference in our waist line…boost of energy…more focused…suppressed appetite…and more…if you love to snack ..it really helps to suppress that craving…using these two products together has really worked for us..( using Garcinia alone …works also…but we wanted that extra additive for better results) you’ll definitely feel your belly flattening every day….buying these products through Wholebody Research…is another great choice we made…great product!!

  161. I’m on my first bottle and can tell my clothing fits better. I have not used a scale as I have a hate…hate relationship with them. I do have more energy with this supplement. Only side effects I can see, but can not say for sure that this supplement has caused is gas and at times some stomach cramps from gas. I will continue taking these and repost my progress.

  162. Sharon Cross says:

    I have only been taking Garcinia for almost a week and after 5 days was down 3 pounds. While I have not completely changed the way I eat or what I eat, I am more aware and I am trying to cut down on portion sizes.

  163. I purchased then shared with sisters. Our experience ,(four of us) Take it as directed. Three times a day, with food. Watch your diet and get some exercise. Just a small amount about three times a day. This will give you results. Give it a little time. I took mine once a day. So it seems to have taken me about three times longer. Even though I’ve gone slowly, I am now losing the belly! Thanks for this high end product and for shipping it quickly so I didn’t lose my enthusiasm!

  164. I have only been taking it a week but it has really suppressed my appetite. Can’t wait to weigh at the end of the month. I get tips via email that are helpful and shipping was good

  165. I just started today with GC. I have taken it in the past from different company, with little results,
    I am hoping to see more with the Whole Body GC product. It took less than a week to receive it, which
    was a nice surprise. I will be posting results in week or two.

  166. I like it a lot, i can tell i started noticing change in or week.

  167. I’ve only been taking garcinia cambogia for a few days, but I have increased energy and reduced appetite. The product arrived WAY before I expected it. The only concern I have is … how long can I safely take this? I called the 1800 number and I emailed the company, but noone has an answer!

  168. I have been using this product for 2 months and have lost 9 lbs but seem to be stuck. I haven’t lost any weight for the last 2 weeks. I have been able to fit into clothes that I couldn’t wear for years, I would like to loose 15 lbs total so will continue to take it for as long as it takes. The best part is that I have not had to change my diet or exercise. I love this product.

  169. I purchased a bottle made by another company and it did not work about 3 months ago. Then my friend told me about Wholebodyresearch.com. I started taking on 11/05/2013 (day 1) and by 11/10/13 (day 6) – lost .5″ in my thighs, 3′ in my low waist, 1″ in my high waist, .5″ in my bust and nothing in my hips. WOW !! I really did not notice a difference in my appetite until about 11/11/13 (day 6) and today 11/13/13 (day 8) someone at work asked if I was losing weight b/c my face looked to be slimming down !! WOW … Now I did not weigh myself before taking the pills b/c its just a number

  170. I feel great… This is a awesome product

  171. I ordered GC 10/24 and I received it 11/2, so it took a little longer than expected to receive. I started taking GC on 11/3 and as of 11/8 I have lost 1 lb but I feel really good. I have much more energy in the evenings. Prior to taking I use to wake up 4-6 times a night and only wake up 1 time now, due to the fact I now drink 48 – 64 oz of water daily. Product definately helps suppress my appetite and I do eat less and feel satisfied now, so am hoping to see some changes over the next wk.

  172. Margaret Pow says:

    I received my GC less than a week ago and might I say I received it in a decent amount of time. Believe it or not I have lost about 3 lbs and do not feel as hungry between meals as I did before. I will continue to take it for 30 days and see what happens. I have high expectations for this product as I’ve tried different diets with not much success.

  173. I have only been taking it for a very short amount of time and so far I’ve noticed I’ve had less of an appetite and have had better moods. Definitely recommend it.

  174. Shari Hoffmann says:

    It came fairly quick. I haven’t been taking it very long, but I’ve already lost 10 lbs. I tried a different brand prior to this one, and I lost NO weight. So I’m very positive at this point. Hope to lose a lot more.

  175. Carol Henderson says:

    I just received the product and have found the appetite has been suppressed, haven’t been taking it too long, and I think in all honesty it’s really too soon to comment. I just hope it works!!!!

  176. I just received my Garcinia Cambogia in the mail and I am more than pleased with the quality of the product. Since joining Whole Body Research, I have received a lot of useful information regarding overall health. I love the food for thought!

    I am going to look into some of the other products as well because I have studied the company and love what they stand for. I am not worried that I may be putting bad things into my body with the products from this company.

    My only feedback is that I wish they had more childrens products (multi vites, vite D & Calcium supplements, etc…).

  177. I have only been on gc for a little over two weeks, I feel better, more aware, more energy. I have lost about 3 to 5 pounds, my clothes fit better. So far so good.

  178. I have just received this product less than a week ago, so far havn’t noticed any changes except I do notice it supressed my appetite and I am sleeping really good, I to am a insomniac. It took about 8 days to receive the product.

  179. Second week taking the product and a couple things I can tell you. I have had no adverse side effects from the pills and I do notice a significant decrease in my appetite. I was always feeling hungry before, and now I almost never feel hungry. Smaller meals are more than satisfying for me. A few pounds lost but definately feeling better and not always thinking about food.

  180. Noelle Harris says:

    Just received my bottles! I am looking forward to seeing results! Will post again in a few weeks. Great customer Service and product.

  181. I have been using this product for a little over a week. I definitely feel an increased sense of well being, decreased appetite and am not experiencing that “speedy” feeling that one would associate with weight loss products. As for actual weight loss, I will have to get back to you on that!!!

  182. I have been using the product for about a week and it does decrease my hunger. the product has helped me control my emotional eating.

  183. I have been using this product for 6 days thus far and have lost 8 pounds. I have very high hopes for this product. One big change I made was not eating after 7 pm and drinking a lot more water. Also, eating little to no processed foods. Feeling very positive.

  184. Just finishing my second week on taking Garcinia Cambodia. I have noticed wonderful spurts of energy and also my appetite is satisfied with a smaller portion at each meal. Weight loss has not been noted at this time with the exception of my face seems to be not as full looking. Of course that is the first place I loose weight! Today I will order the Raspberry Keytones and take that with the G.C. .

  185. I read about whole body research supplements and decided to give them a try. I love there products, I have looked for years for products that are not loaded with un-necessary fillers and additives, believe me, this is my supplement store for life. I use to google for the best buy I could find on supplements until I found out how much “junk” was in those cheaper brands. whole body research only puts in what we need, what is good for us and then delivers it at a good, fair price plus free shipping. Looking for a top of the line supplement store that you can trust with your health ? Then be sure to check out wholebodyresearch.com

  186. Gloria Herrera Montoya says:

    I started taking this on Monday. I have lost over 5 pounds. I’m in shock. I have seen all the ads for this product and thought not true. Well I’m a believer. I received my order in a week. So far so good. I am taking garcinia Cambodia and raspberry keytone. I will continue taking this until I lose all my weight(70 pounds) or until I can’t see any more results. I have more Engery and now I can stay more focused on my job. I watch my 4 grand kids ( 8, 6, 4, and 1 1/2 years old and work 40 hrs. This is the best product I have taken. All I can say is thank you!!!!!!

  187. I started using garcinia cambogia and raspberry keytone from another company other than whole body and really couldn’t tell much differance. I did feel better and was able to say no to cravings, and my clothes felt somewhat better, but not a big differance. So I did some more research and found that whole body’s garcinia and raspberry keytone was pure no fillers and at a much higher doze than my first bottles. Anyways after 2 and 1/2 weeks I dropped 3 lbs and my clothes are much loser than before. I’m taking garcinia combogia, green coffee, and raspberry keytone and I’m seeing results. I feel better, I will say this is a slow process not one of those drop 15 lbs in one week, but on the other hand it took me years to put on this weight. I plan to stay with it at least as long as I keep seeing some results.

  188. I am in my second week of taking GC. I did not weigh myself before hand or as of yet. I could tell a difference after the first day. I can see the difference in my body and my clothes are becoming looser everyday. I have not changed my eating habits as far as food types. I do not have cravings anymore and a feel full quicker. I have more energy and sleep better as well. This product might not work for some but I know it is working for me.

    • have been taking gc for just over a month now, i have dropped 12# but at the same time i have cut way down on bad eating habit,s i seem to have more energy and reduced apetite, could it be just a placebo effect?

  189. I am in my second week of taking the product. I immediately had less bloating after eating and felt the mood enhancing effects. I have not experienced dramatic weight loss but have lost a few pounds, am less hungry, and feel my metabolism has gotten higher and I am much less lethargic. That is significant. I am satisfied so far and intend to keep taking it. I bought a six month supply which comes with a seventh bottle, gave one to my daughter.

  190. . I eat 3 times a day and snack, but i notice i don’t eat too much.. Unlike before i crave a lot, eat eat and eat… Now my too much craving is gone.. I eat in moderation without feeling so hungry…. With little exercise and healthy eating habits hope this will work… I’ve been taking it for only a week, so will see… 😉

  191. Christina cole says:

    I’ve seen a little change in appetite. No weight loss yet, but have only been taking it for a week.

    • Joan Harder says:

      I started over 2wks ago with another brand and had no results. I found Whole Body GC and have been on that a week. Not seeing any weight loss as yet. I do sleep better at night and take shorter naps in the afternoons…IF I need one. I do not find it suppresses my appetite. I can do ok during the day, but my biggest angst is late evening eating!!

      My biggest concern is what to eat in order to lose weight. I’ve tried to stay on a low-carb diet for a couple of years now. Eat a lot of fruit and trying to eat more vegies. It would help me a lot to have a diet to go by. Is there any guidelines for food intake along with this program. I want this to work. I have 20# that need to come off.

      • J Thompson says:

        I find that the Diabetic Diet Plan is the easiest to follow. The 1,000 calories a day to lose weight. 500 calories is too few!! You can find it online, or ask your Dr for a copy! It has detailed meal plans, and tons of food choices, which make your trips to the grocery store much easier. Hope this helps.:)

        • J Thompson says:

          Also, I have read that with Garcinia Cambogia, you are supposed to stay under 1500 calories per day! Thought I had better add that, because I have noticed that it is not online much. I have done my research, and the Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia, is the #1 rated brand to buy, as well..:))

          • J Thompson says:

            One more thing.. If you want this to work, you MUST eat 3 low cal meals a day, or 5 mini meals. If you skip breakfast and lunch, then your body goes into starvation mode, and you will not see results, no matter what you try. I am not a breakfast eater, at all, but I make myself eat it now, and it does work. I find that just a banana or small breakfast is better than nothing, and then a better lunch, and a light dinner. Any extra calories can be used if you need them before 7pm. This will work for you, but you have to work with it..:)

  192. I have been taking this product for a week now and I have noticed my clothes are fitting better. I am able to sleep better with this product, and being an insomniac that speaks very highly of this product. I do have more energy throughout the day also. I can’t wait until I weigh myself to see how much I have lost. Great product that lives up to its claims.

  193. I have been taking this product for a week and half and it seems to be working. I’ve lost a couple of pounds. I’m able to fit in my jeans again…woohoo! I can see some of the fat is no longer there. My arms and thighs are smaller. The product came in a timely manner. Also, I took another brand of Garcinia Cambogia and it did not work at all. I feel and see the result of this brand. Thank you Whole Body Research for producing quality supplements.

  194. I have been using this product for one week so it is too early to give an honest review. Delivery was prompt so I could get started. I’ll let you know later after giving it a fair trial.

  195. Greetings,

    I have been taking the product for about one week. I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or not but the scale says I have lost 9 pounds!! I haven’t starting exercising yet. I’m eating a low carb diet. If this keeps up, I will literally be in “hog heaven!” Thanks for a wonderful product!! The delivery was fast. I could not be happier. I am telling EVERYONE I know!!

  196. This is my first week taking this product. Along
    walking and watching what i eat i have lost
    A few pounds.

  197. Love this so far! I have used for about a week and a half! I can tell a difference already….suppresses appetite really good! The speed of delivery after ordering was really quick too!

  198. I’ve been feeling so energetic since I started taking it. My clothes r looser. I don’t really like to try diet pills, but this is really wonderful. Thank u

  199. Elvira Mellado says:

    This is only my fifth day taking this product. But I can tell you that I do feel an overall sense of well being. As for losing weight I will have to get back to you on that.

  200. I’ve only been taking Garcinia Cambogia, for a little over a month now. Some days my clothes seem to be fitting better, than there are days it doesn’t seem to be that way. I am waiting until, I’m close to finishing my 3 rd., bottle to weight myself. I will check back with a comment again when I’m close to finishing my 3 rd., bottle to give everyone a better idea, if this is working.

  201. I’ve been taking Garcinia Cambogia for a month and I have lost a few pounds but not like all the raving reviews I’ve read. I have a 3 month supply so I’ll keep taking it for at least 1 more month. I really want this to work!

    • Bridget says:

      I tried the Garcinia Cambogia faithfully for 30 days, along with 30 minutes on the treadmill 4-5 times a week. Zero pounds lost. I tried eating healthy 6 days a week, no supplements, and 30 minutes of walking 6-7 times a week for 30 days. 8 pounds down; 42 to go.

  202. I have been using garcinia cambogia for a little over a week. I have not weighed myself, either before or during. However, I can tell that I am losing body fat because I can visually see it and my clothes are looser. I have high expectations for this product. I have been looking for a long time!

    • I just started on Garcinia , but I have already lost 2pounds. Looking forward to continue using it and losing more. It has helped me not crave food as much.

    • Tammy Perryman says:

      I have been using for a few days now. I really like this product and I can already see a difference. It has helped with curbing my appetite. Love it!

    • I am on my 10th day of taking Whole Body Garcinia and HAVE NOT LOST A POUND. iS THIS POSSIBLE? I want to loose at least 20 pounds. but hopefully 30. I am diabetic so I do eat carefully, very little bread, lotsa of vegetables, some meat. I tried another one a COUPLE OF MONTHS earlier and had not lost a pound after 18 days. HELP PLEASE.

  203. Jana Taylor says:

    I give this product and Whole Body Research 4 Stars. I will await a potential 5 Star rating until longer term effects (i.e. how long the weight stays off).

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