Whole Body Research 5 Day Total Colon Detox

Whole Body Research 5 Day Total Colon DetoxYou may not realize this, but there are quite a few symptoms that can be relieved by simply healing your colon. There are many doctors who swear that healing the gut will improve overall immunity as well as improve your emotional health. There are also plenty of proponents who claim colon cleanses help them jumpstart weight loss, while others purport that regular cleansing will reduce your risk of colon cancer.

These theories are by no means new. As far back as the Egyptians, scientists have theorized that a stagnation of fecal matter in your bowels can lead to transference of toxins from the colon to the bloodstream. This toxicity can impair every part of your body, leading to headaches, brain fog and an overall poor immune system.

Considering all of the little things that can go wrong if you have an unhealthy colon, it is easy to understand the recent popularity of colon cleanses. But not all colon cleanses are the same – many of them are actually chemical laxatives that have been trussed up as a cleanse. They might clear your colon, but they won’t remove toxins from your system. That’s why it’s so important to find a supplement with ingredients that naturally detoxify your body, like the 5 Day Total Colon Detox by Whole Body Research.

What’s in Whole Body Research 5 Day Total Colon Detox?

This detox program comes with two different supplements. The first one contains Psyllium seed, Bentonite Clay, Apple Pectin, Cayenne and Chlorophyll Copper. The second one contains Senna leaf, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Dandelion Root, Aloe Vera, Chlorella, Uva Ursi leaf, garlic. Some of these substances move toxins from your blood to your colon; others help your colon to release its contents. Combined together, they effectively detoxify your body.

Does it work?

I started seeing results on the first day of this five day detox. I have always been really irregular, only having maybe three or four bowel movements a week. I was definitely backed up when I started this program. By the end of the detox, my stomach was flatter and I felt much lighter. I also used to start every morning with a headache, but that stopped on day three.

I’ve been done with the cleanse for three days now, and I swear I can still feel the effects this had on my body. My bowel movements have remained regular, and I feel like I have more energy than I did before I started.

Cost of Whole Body Research 5 Day Total Colon Detox:

The entire five day system costs $68.99. You can find one of the laxative based “cleanses” for much less than this, but we wouldn’t recommend those. When compared to other natural colon cleanses or colonics, however, this cost of this detox is quite reasonable.

Pros of Whole Body Research 5 Day Total Colon Detox:

  • Detoxifies the body in a safe and natural way
  • Promotes healthy bowel movements
  • Cleans your body of drug residues and heavy metals
  • Improves overall colon health
  • Improve digestion
  • Increases energy
  • Improves mood and mental health
  • Boosts metabolism

Cons of Whole Body Research 5 Day Total Colon Detox:

  • There are quite a few pills to take
  • Recommended Raw diet can be difficult to follow

Final Thoughts:

The Pros of this product greatly outweigh any possible cons. So if you are at all concerned about the health of your colon, you will probably benefit from doing this cleanse.

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