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Whole Body Research - Natural CalciumWhole Body Research Natural Calcium is a new supplement that utilizes a newly found powerful source of calcium that has a better absorption rate than any other source of calcium known. A big problem with most calcium supplements is that they are derived from rocks and can actually cause health issues like kidney stones and even heart attacks if taken over a period of time. But recently, a new plant-based source of calcium has been discovered that has been found to be much better absorbed by the body.

Algas Calcareas is found in the oceans off the coast of South America and has been called a miracle for sufferers of osteoperosis and osteopenia. In clinical trials, users found their bone density was increased in less than 6 months. Whole Body Research Natural Calcium is derived from algae and coral but it also contains other minerals important for bone health like Zinc, Magnesium, K2 and D3.

Cost of Whole Body Research Natural Calcium

The Whole Body Research Natural Calcium retails for $39.99 for a 30 day supply and is available exclusively from WholeBodyResearch.com

What the reviewers have to say…

This is a newly developed supplement, but so far it has been getting glowing reviews for its unmatched safety and absorption rate. Because calcium derived from algae and coral is also a good source of trace minerals that aren’t often found in our everyday diets, people have reported not only improvements in bone density but also healthier hair, skin, and nails.

Pros of Whole Body Research Natural Calcium

  •  Naturally-derived
  • Plant-based
  • Higher absorption rate
  • Vegetarian capsules
  • No binders or filler ingredients

Cons of Whole Body Research Natural Calcium

  • Only available at WholeBodyResearch.com
  • No auto-ship subscription program

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a good calcium supplement, the Natural Calcium by Whole Body Research is the best calcium supplement we have found so far. Because it is derived from algae and coral, it has a higher absorption rate than rock or mineral sources of calcium, and unlike other sources of calcium will be less likely to cause mineral deposits in the body that can lead to kidney stones and heart attacks. Sufferers of osteoperosis and osteopinea have found algae-derived calcium to dramatically improve bone density in less than 6 months. The additional trace elements found in these types of calcium that are essential to bone growth as well as hair, skin, and nail health make it a much better source than other forms of calcium on the market.

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