Whole Body Research – Premium Antarctic Krill Oil Blend Review

krill_bottleWhole Body Research Krill Blend Review:

When it comes to supplementing our Omega 3s, what product is the best to take? Fish Oil or Krill Oil? Both supplements supply the omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Fish oil, however, comes from fatty fish while Krill oil comes from small crustaceans that contain more EPA. Also, the omega 3 fatty acids found in Krill contain antioxidants and other beneficial substances called phospholipids, which help the body with absorption.

Many companies began releasing their own Krill Oil when they realized the health benefits the product offered. Among studies, krill oil was found to be 50% more effective than fish oil when it comes to increasing healthy cholesterol levels (HDL) and eliminating artery clogging.

While it’s difficult to determine which Krill Oil would be best for you (as there are plenty out there to choose from), we reviewed Whole Body Research’s Premium Antarctic Krill Oil Blend because it combines Antarctic Krill Oil with a blend of fish oils that are said to be the most efficiently absorbed Krill product on the market.  This blend allows the phospholipids and Omega 3s to bond, which leads to greater absorption of the Omega 3 fatty acids.

The cost of Whole Body Research – Premium Antarctic Krill Oil Blend

Many Krill Oils range in price, anywhere from $10 to $60 or more depending on the quality of the product. Whole Body Research sells their unique Krill Oil Blend for $29.99 from the Whole Body Research website which is for a one month supply. The price point seems fair as it’s a middle of the road price, and the quality of the processing that Whole Body Research adheres to (which is extremely important when handling krill or fish oil) is high-end. The unique blend of Krill and Fish oils in Whole Body Research’s blend allows for greater absorption of Omega 3s, which is of utmost importance when considering this type of supplement.

Pros of Whole Body Research Premium Krill Oil

  • Blend of Krill and Fish Oil which allows for greater Omega 3 absorption
  • Only contains the freshest Antarctic Krill
  • Multi-stage  filtering process removes contaminants such as lead, mercury, and other toxins as well as eliminates fishy odors.
  • Seven times more Astaxanthan than pure Krill Oil

Cons of Whole Body Research Premium Krill Oil

  • Only available online through the Whole Body Research website
  • Sold as a one month supply

Final Thought

This Krill Oil Blend seems to be the most potent one we could find as it combines Krill Oil with Fish Oil for improved absorption of Omega 3s. Not only that, but this product contains a potent dose of Astaxanthan- seven times more than just pure Krill Oil. If you like taking fish oil supplements and have been considering making the switch to Krill Oil, this would be a great blend to try.  Since the company combines both a superior product with a competitive price, Whole Body Research is our most recommended brand of Krill Oil.

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Veronica is from Ballwin, Missouri. She wanted to be a registered nurse until college, where she discovered her passion for writing about health and wellness. She studied nutrition and journalism and now she contributes to several publications including Nature's Health Watch which she also edits.


  1. Christine Polson says:

    I have taken the Krill for a month, and though I have no blood results to share, it’s obviously a high quality product with no fishy taste. I have appreciated the customer service, in that they didn’t take advantage of my payment information to automatically charge and ship a second bottle the way so many do. That said, I fully intend to order more!

  2. Kathleen Connell says:

    I have been, and still am, a great fan of Mercola’s products but have ‘switched sides’ after reading about, and
    taking the Premium Antarctic Krill Blend. My recent yearly physical has shown that after a mere six weeks my blood work shows that my ‘bad’ cholesterol and my triglyceride levels have dropped significantly! This is great news as these issues are genetic in my family and my doctor and I go round and round because I refuse to take prescription meds. It is SOOO satisfying to prove great results can be had WITHOUT pharmaceuticals. I am awaiting a shipment of other Whole Body Research products and expect I will have great results from them also. So glad I tried this company.

  3. I like this product, it makes me feel good about taking supplements. These products are clean and healthy.

  4. All my blood numbers have been great using the krill oil

  5. Barbara Jarman says:

    I have already posted the excellent results I have received from using WBR Krill Oil.
    Just wanted to say the delivery time is great and the help I get when I call is fantastic.
    Love the continuing information you send.

  6. Mitchell K says:

    I have tracked my blood work for recent years. They had stayed fairly constant, with my LDL’s up and my HDL’s down. After a few weeks with Arctic Krill, my numbers changed. My LDL’s are dropping and my HDL’s are on the rise. This is a product I am glad to have tried. Like all other Whole Body Research products, I am not disappointed.
    Thank you.

  7. I love the information Whole Body sends out. I am always looking for tidbits to improve health. I appreciate the quality of Whole Body products and the price point seems fair compared to other quality supplements.

  8. krill oil has lowered my triglicerides.

  9. Love this Krill oil!! Hope they keep making it so I can benefit from it. Keep it up great product!!

  10. Jim Olson says:

    Ireally like the Krill Oil supplement. There’s definitly no aftertase. I go next week for my Dr.’r check-up for my chloresteral check and expext it to be in the good range. Thanks

  11. Krill Oil Blend did wonders for me. I had problems in my right hand at the joints of my fingers. They were painful and swollen every morning, which have been cured completely because of this great product.
    My HDL cholesterol was always high, but it became even higher. The Krill oil brought my LDL much lower.
    Fantastic product!

  12. I love your Krill, wouldn’t trust it from any other company. My numbers appear to be improving, will know more with next blood work in 3 mos.

  13. Holli Applegate says:

    I’m glad to order this Krill Oil blend again!
    I really like all of the Whole Body Research products I use!
    Thank you

  14. Heide Warren says:

    I LOVE your products. I have more energy since starting this product. I am looking forward to my annual physical at the end of the month to see what my lab results will be.

  15. Shirl Vergilia says:

    I went in July to my physician and my triglycerides were elevated for the first time. My doctor told me that I would have to go on cholesterol meds if there was no improvement at my December checkup. I started using the Krill and my levels were completely normal in December. I was amazed.

  16. Barbie Batson says:

    Very satisfied with the Krill Oil. Great service!

  17. russell chun says:

    I’ve been using krill oil for the last 3 months and I definitely feel a lot less stress, keeping my thoughts in order much easier and a sense of happiness because of these amazing benefits. User for life!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Mark Luper says:

    This product, Krill Blend, has been everything I had hoped it would be. I have felt a big difference in my feeling of well being and overall energy levels. I started noticing the changes in me beginning with the second month of taking the capsules. I have recommended them to friends and family.

    The speed of shipping and overall customer support is second to none.

  19. Jeffrey M. Green says:

    I did quite abit of research on fish oil and krill oil, finding krill oil to be more beneficial, I found Whole Body Research to provide the most complete information on their product. Received it on time as expected. No fishy smell and on my next check up will see how my levels are.

  20. love this krill oil. made affordable, made to be superior!

  21. Highly recommend , have been using as a daily supplement for several months.
    I have less morning stiffness. This is a very pure product and was highly recommended to

  22. Mary Ann Brooks says:

    I researched Fish Oil and Krill Oil after my husband’s cardiologist told him to buy a certain brand at the drugstore.
    It didn’t have the important ingredient Astaxanthin or high levels of EPA and DHA! I will inform him at his next appointment and tell him about Whole Body Research.

  23. I’ve been happy with the krill oil and the service. I would recommend it.

  24. I had always wanted to try fish oil, but never did.
    Since I already use the Keybiotics, I ordered the krill oil also, to try.
    It was just what I was looking for. Been using it the past 6 months, or so.
    I’m 59 yrs old, and these 2 items are a mainstay for my daily supplements.

  25. My Dr. told me to take fish oil w/omega 3. After taking it for 3 months, I didn’t feel any different. I read an article about Whole Body Research Krill Oil. It was listed as the best and the benefits were good. I ordered a years supply and received a bigger discount. I felt better mentally in less than a week. I think my muscle pain is less.
    I have not checked with my Dr. about my cholesterol or triglycerides, but plan to do so on my next visit. I do not see any difference with my back pain or my blood sugar.
    I will continue to take this Krill Oil because it makes me feel so much better. I have been taking this product for 9 months.

    • Barbara Jarman says:

      I have been continuing Krill Oil. for another 6 months. I have not had to take any steroid shots for the last 6 months. This is a big plus as steroids make my blood sugar soar uncontrollably. I am 80 years old with many health problems but I have been feeling so much better and my pain level is so low that I have started dance lessons. My quality of life has improved 100 percent. I have started Keybiotics this week and am anxious to see the results. I don’t know how anything can improve my health anymore than is has in the past year but I am willing to check it out.

  26. allan sneddon says:

    I ran out of krill oil and don’t seem to have as much energy without it.
    Its a high quality product that comes very nicely packaged.looking
    forward to getting some more.

  27. I have been taking WB Krill oil daily for some time now. It helps my osteoarthritis. I plan to continue taking it.

  28. I have been using the krill oil for awhile now. It is a good product. I find your customer service and informational emails to be very good. I also like that you appreciate your customers and offer decent deals. In
    this day and age, it is hard to afford healthy .

  29. I just had my cholesterol panel done after several months of being on your krill oil and probiotics. The results were amazing! Cholesterol was 108 and HDL was 88. My doctor was impressed and said to keep doing whatever I was doing to get these numbers!

  30. I’m very pleased with the krill supplied by Whole Body Research. The krill has improved my joints. The price, quality, and service from Whole Body is excellent.

  31. Since taking Whole Body Research premium Antarctic Krill Blend, my lab results have improved dramatically. My HDL has risen and the LDL and Triglycerides have dropped to within normal limits which makes me very happy since I’ve had poor results with OTC fish oils and even the “so called Cadillac of fish oils, Lovaza”. I got my husband to take the krill oil as well and his labs are great too!

  32. Just started using. Seems to be helping. Waiting for blood work from Doctor to see if changes anywhere.

  33. Awesome product from an awesome company. High quality, reasonable price point, great service. I use a number of their products and have significant improvements in my biometric lab results. Very satisfied customer!

  34. Melissa Grove says:

    I have been using Whole Body Research Krill Oil for about a year now. My cholesterol levels have improved and it also helps with the inflammation of my knee due to osteoarthritis. I also use their
    “Keybiotics” which is also a very beneficial supplement.

  35. Mike Hauer says:

    Have tried other krill products
    Like this the best and love the
    Customer service.Have used this
    Product for over 2 years and will
    Remain a customer. Thank you!

  36. Having tried three other Krill brands, I have found WB Krill to be the very best; for an affordable price. NO fishy after taste.

  37. My wife and I have been using the Krill oil product for about 6 months and have experienced excellent results.

  38. Yasmin Sidik says:

    Yasmin says :
    july 10, 2014 at 12:22 am

    I have join WBR in October, 2013. I started with KEY BIOTIC and it has solve a lot of problems for me.Since then I have taken a lot of different products, some has work for me and some I’m still trying. Last week I have order this Premium Antarctic Krill Oil blend to try & solve more problems. My Medical condition is very bad, most of the disease you name it & I have it. Hope that WBR products will help to get rid of it. The quality of the product is very good, and the customer service is AMAZING,you get your reply within an hour, shipping & delivery time is flawless, and Online ordering is very simple. Thanks to WBR

  39. Have been on WBR Krill mix for some time now and find my joints are doing better already. I also take 2 more of their products and they are the BEST that I have found.

  40. bryan trevino says:

    I love these product! Whole body research is the best by far and that’s why they cost more,

  41. Great product.Online ordering is simple,shipping is flawless.

  42. Amazing stuff! Same as other reviewers, my ldl was too high and triglycerides marginally high. But after taking this krill blend for seven months all numbers are WAY down. Just say “NO” to statins. Triglycerides were 202 and now down to 110!! Never been that low before or even close. Ldl went down from 188 to 135. I could not be more pleased with what is obviously the best krill oil/blend available anywhere on the planet. Hope they never run out of those tiny, magical Antarctic organisms to keep us all healthy and free of statins.

  43. The customer service is very responsive and helpful. The delivery is very quick also.

  44. I have had one heart attack and four coronary artery stents placement due to arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis (plaque). About six months ago I had another heart cath and plaque was forming in two of my stents, along with a left main coronary partial blockage. I elected to not have coronary bypass surgery at that time and instead I soon began to take Whole Body Research Krill. I took the Krill (2 capsules a day) along with Red Yeast Rice (1200 mg per day) for 35 days and then had another heart cath. My stents were clear of plaque and the left main lesion was greatly reduced. My Cardiologist was completely amazed. I had gained 42 lbs since my first heart attack because I was taking Ranexa to dilate my coronary arteries. I immediately stopped this medication. I have now lost 12 lbs in the 3+ months that I have been taking Krill and I feel great. The only problem that I have experienced since taking Krill is that I got new glasses about 4 months ago and my vision has since improved to the point that I now need a new prescription and new glasses.
    I recommend Whole Body Research Krill to everybody and I did so to members of my 50th year High School Reunion, a month ago. I am a Semi-retired Licensed Cardiovascular Perfusioninst (Heart/Lung Bypass Specialist).

  45. Rebecca says:

    This is, by far, the Best Krill oil I’ve ever taken !!

  46. Will Hudson says:

    Results from recent blood test showed improvement of Cholesterol levels after using Whole Body Research’s Krill Oil for a very short time. My digestive system sure seems to be working better
    which is a sign that the Krill Oil’s Omega substance is working properly.

  47. I recently began taking WBR’s Premium Antarctic Krill Oil Blend and within 2-weeks I am beginning to notice a difference. Considering I was already taking one of the leading brands of Krill oil I was suprised at the results. Less joint pain and my complexion is clearing. I never imagined there would be such a difference!

  48. B.A. Jarman says:

    My doctor told me to take fish oil but after 2 months I did not see any results. I read about Whole Body Krill Oil and ordered some. In less than a week my constant pain was gone. I still have pain when I bend but the overall improvement is a blessing. My mood feeling has improved greatly. My blood sugar is a lot lower as long as I do not go overboard with what I eat. I have been taking Krill Oil for almost 4 months. I do not take steroids anymore. My doctor was pleased with the improvement. It has not helped my cholesterol as yet but hope it will in time. Delivery was prompt.

  49. Been using whole Body’s krill oil for over a month now and I really notice a difference! My joints feel much better!!!

  50. Pat Azar says:

    I am new to this brand of krill oil. I have been taking it for a littl over two months. It does not have a fishy flavor or give any fishy burps. I do seem to feel a little more energetic this month since taking it. I will not
    have my cholesterol check for another four months. My cholesterol was bordering on high and my doctor
    thought I could try krill oil first to lower it. In researching the different brands, this is the one that I thought
    would be the best.

  51. Michelle says:

    Thank you for making such quality products. I’ve taken fish oil products for years but find krill to work better for joint pain with the extra benefit of astaxanthin.

  52. I have been using Whole Body Premium Krill Oil since March 4 of this year. On April 18th I had a blood test for lipids, etc. My total cholesterol was 187. I had been using omega’s and krill oil for at least 5 years to no avail, my count was always above 200 sometimes almost to 300. Since I refuse to take statin drugs because of allergies, I searched for a better krill oil and found Whole Body Research. Their articles made sense to me, so I tried and after only six weeks into the program, my cholesterol was under 200. Thankfully, my HDL’s have always been good.
    I am very pleased with Premium Antarctic Krill Oil Blend by Whole Body Research.

  53. I am quite happy with Whole Body’s krill oil. After using it for six weeks, my total cholestrol was below 200 for the first time in five years even though I had been taking krill oil for a couple years and Omegas before that. So glad I found it.

  54. Have been on their Krill Oil capsules for three months and am much happier with the product compared to the fish oil I was taking. There is no fishy burp and the Krill oil is easier on my digestive system. I especially notice the difference in my skin and a lessening of arthritic knee pain.

  55. After lots of research I was happy to find the Whole body Krill oil. Loved that it had no fillers and was 3rd party tested. I just started taking it and am looking forward to the benefits of it’s use.

  56. Love the smaller size. No after taste. Still waiting for my blood work,

  57. Lorri McConnell says:

    I did a lot of research and have tried a few different Krill oil’s on the market. This one was rated number 1 so I thought I would try it. It is great! no fishy taste, small pearles and fast shipment. I would highly recommend you try this

  58. Just purchased the Antarctic Krill Oil.
    Looking forward to being healther and using this quality product.

  59. Robert says:

    Great product

  60. Gayl Werner says:

    This is my first month of taking the Krill Oil Blend and after reviewing other products I liked that this has no fishy taste and is more potent than fish oil. I am hoping to lower my blood pressure and improve my cholesterol numbers as others have said this really helped. So far I am very happy with this product and hope to try some of their other things.

  61. My third month on it
    Hard to say how beneficial since taking it just as a supplement
    Although it doesn’t have after taste it does smell fishy

  62. Norma Riggs says:

    I ordered three bottles of Whole Body Research Krill Oil, It Is working great, I will be ordering more.

  63. heard all about krill oil on the radio but was skeptical –
    until i did some research and saw your product was voted the best –
    have been taking it for about a week now and feel energized and
    less muscle ache !
    It’s all you say it is-
    also read about lemon and cucumber water –
    now i add lemon juice to my large water bottle every day –
    amazing how great it tastes and how great you feel !!!!

  64. Leanne Greenlaw says:

    I just started taking Premium Antarctic Krill Oil Blend for high cholesterol and joint aches. The size of the capsules and no fishy taste is such a plus. Looking forward to enjoying the results other reviewers are experiencing.

  65. Ana Borzha says:

    This is my fifth day on WBR Krill Oil Blend, and so it is too soon for me to be able to say anything. I
    am trying it because I believe you probably carry the best products available.

  66. Sherry Bott says:

    I started the Krill oil and am very hopeful for what it will do for me. I don’t have fishy burps and really love the size of the capsules. I am thinking positive for the results versus the over the counter fish oil I was taking that didn’t seem to do anything for me. I bought 90 days worth so will post again later with results.

  67. I am pleased with ship time. I was skeptical of claims from website. I am closing in on completing the first 60 soft gels. I has notice a reduction in joint irritation. My blood pressure is back to normal. I endorse Whole Body Research Premium Antartic Krill Blend. My next order will be the three 60 softgel bottles. Thanks,

  68. After much research I found this to be the best available. After a few weeks of taking it my lipid levels are now in the normal range!!! And no after taste or indigestion as with some other brands. And an added benefit I’ve noticed an improvement in my mood. I’ll be continuing this!!!

  69. You know that Whole Body Research Krill Oil is the real deal. I am very sensitive to smell….mine is the keenest. I smell the krill and fish oil and other ingredients. Have only been on it for 8 days but I can feel the difference in my joints. The only thing is that I am very sensitive and I usually take my Krill Oil with the last meal of the day because it relaxes me so much.

  70. Was very skeptical at first but once I tried the Krill Oil from Whole Body Research my joint pain, caused by osteoarthritis, began to diminish. If you do your research it is the highest rated krill oil product. No fishy aftertaste either! My blood pressure has also been lowered!

  71. Keith M. says:

    This Premium Artic Krill Blend by Whole Body Research is THE ONE TO TAKE!! This stuff is fantastic! Two small softgels a day and my “getting old” pain is gone and my mood is also fired up! I was taking Mecola’ s krill oil, but PAKB is definitely better! Shipped quickly and arrived just fine–PLUS, took advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime deal offered—- 6 bottles for $107— I’m set for the rest of the year!

  72. I am taking Keybiotic recommended by Consumer Report – the best probiotic on market. It works fantastic for me. I tried many different brand, because I can not live without probiotic. I am so glad to find WBR Keybiotic, I will be with it forever.
    Recently I started another WBR product – Premium Antarctic Krill oil Blend. It is great! Blend means: they did the best, blended fish oil and krill oil, so as a result two oils in one product. Krill oil 40 times more potent than fish oil ( 40 times more antioxidants through Astaxanthin). I am exited about this product!
    Customer service is superior.Delivery is fast.I like very informative e-mails. Wonderful company. Thank you WBR.

  73. Carol Heatherington says:

    I just started taking the Krill oil today in the hopes that it will help with my joint pain. After reading the comments of other users I am certain that I have made the correct choice. I have taken the Keybiotics for two months and the results for me are incredible………. no more itching, rash or pain. Perhaps the two working together (the Krill oil and the Keybiotics) will be just the ticket for my body success!

  74. I am new to the Krill Oil supplement, but did some research and have just started taking the Whole Body Research blend. So far it has been good. I was looking for overall health and help with my joints and with my research I feel I have found the one that will work.

  75. I have been taking another brand of krill for some time. Finally did research to find the “best.” This is it!

  76. I have only been taking the Krill Oil for a couple of weeks. However, shipment and customer service were excellent. I had researched krill oil products for myself, and this brand was hands down the most recommended. I ordered the 3 bottles because I figured that would give me an idea if it worked. I will jump back on here in a couple of weeks to bring you an update.

  77. Raeford R says:

    I received my Whole Body Research Krill Oil Blend a few days ago. I am pleased with the service and am looking forward to the benefits it advertises. As a pharmacist, I hope to provide a good evaluation.

  78. After research I decided to try Premium Antarctic Krill Oil Blend. I am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Seems lots of other people decided on the same krill oil. It’s backordered til the end of the month. Hopefully they will keep up better with the demand they created.

  79. I have been on Crestor for 2 years which has stabalized my cholesterol level between 210 – 225. Unfortunately the reading of a blood test showed an elevated enzyme count in my liver & my doctor was going to reduce my dossage from 20mg to 10mg. Meanwhile I ordered a 6 month supply of Krill Oil from WBR and started my daily dosage about 3 months ago. My last blood test in January pleasantly surprised me. Not only did my Cholesterol level drop to 155 & Triglycerides to 151 but the liver reading was back in the normal range. NOT MUCH MORE TO SAY … SEEING IS BELIEVING.

    I just started the Keybiotics about 2 weeks ago. Not much to report on this product yet …. no significant signs of any kind

  80. I love hearing about your products and trying them. We LOVE the probiotic ~ keybiotic ~ we are making a list of other things to try.

  81. Carole Agase says:

    Just got notice that my Krill oil is on the way. I am anxious to start on it. Will let you know how it is working later.

  82. I have used your Krill oil and I think it is one of the best,

  83. This krill is the real deal. After researching what was the best this won hands down. It doesn’t upset your stomach and has very little aftertaste unlike most krill supplements out there. I’ll never get anything else.

  84. I would love to tell you what I think of your krill oil but I’m STILL waiting for it to be delivered.

  85. Very impressed with the Krill supplement. My search for a natural way to lower total cholesterol and blood pressure brought me to your site After three months of taking your Krill, my blood pressure is down from my normal 132/72 to 122/68. My cholesterol is also down about 10 points. Thrilled that I have found a healthy answer to long-standing problems! I might add that my doctor is also very interested in how my labs will look in another four months when I go in for my annual physical.

  86. I really have had good results with my weight lost using garcinia cambogia and regulating my digestive system with keybiotics

  87. I love the krill blend I have RA and it has helped with inflammation .I also feel like Im more energetic .thankyou whole body research !!

  88. I ordered Premium Antarctic Krill Oil Blend and have been extremely satisfied. It shipped fast with no hiccups. The product itself is great. There are no fishy burps and the price can’t be beat for the quality. This is an outstanding product.

  89. Cassandra says:

    I just started using Keybiotics 2 wks ago and I have noticed a difference already. I was using yogurt to get the “good bacteria”, but Keybiotics works much better. The price is not exactly within my budget to buy every month like I would want, but it does seem work.

  90. Michael Stacey says:

    An outstanding product along with superior customer service. My physician says keep on taking it since all my numbers have been impacted. Thank you whole body research for the wealth of information provided by your company!

  91. After research I have found Whole Body Premium Krill Oil to be the best on the market. I am about to finish my first 90 day supply. Will be ordering more. Looking forward to my next blood test to check my ldl/hdl’s


  92. My husband’s doctor suggested he start taking fish oil but he’s been unhappy with the size of the capsules. He asked for krill oil instead. My research led me to Whole Body Research Krill Oil Blend, the reviews were great. And the price wasn’t outrageous like some others.

  93. Wife got your calcium for our son who broke his leg recently. He has another xray mid jan. Thanks for tge imformative emails. Product arrived quickly.

  94. My goal in all of this is to find what the so called experts believe is best for everyone. I wanted to use what is proven and what the research has shown to be the best. I looked at all the possibilities and felt these products were the best.

  95. robert batton dds says:

    just started my first bottle of krill oil with my wife. hdl/ldl’s are ok but always could be better. both have physicals in feb and look forward to se what changes occur-will keep you posted

  96. Thanks for the peace of mind in knowing I’m taking a krill oil that’s pure and effective.. Absorption is a big deal ..

  97. In September 2013 I had a blood test and my Triglycerides were off the charts and LDL was too high. I started Whole Body Krill Oil Blend and within 2 months my Triglycerides had gone down to : NORMAL
    <150 mg/dl. LDL is suppose to be optimal at: <100 mg/dl and mine was: 79! I need to get my HDL up however (Good Cholesterol). Next blood test is in 2 weeks. Will let you know the results. I did a lot of research on Krill Oil and I found this was the best recommended by Consumer Reports and 3rd party tested. My skin has more of a shine to it as another benefit. People have told me this. I was taking 3500mg of fish oil per day and was tired of the "Fish Burps". None here now!

  98. Frank Drezek says:

    Noticeable improvement in stair climbing, not as stiff as before and very noticeable clearup of facial skin

  99. Just started using but am happy so far! I like that I need less than fish oil and no burps and that they are 3rd party tested

    • maria rodriguez says:

      I too just started krill oil with no fishy burping or taste! I look forward to future results. My husband is on it as well, and he is a heart patient
      therefore, he really could benefit from this as well. No complaints from him either! Thank you!

  100. Wow great stuff. Can’t wait for my annual checkup. Expecting great numbers.

  101. Christa ouellette says:

    Love it !!

  102. Whole Body Krill Blend has worked well for me.

  103. Jack Brown says:

    Whole body krill blend has worked well for my joint pain. I recommend it.

  104. Delaney Dillon says:

    After thorough research on my mission to find the best krill oil, this surpassed all other products by far and I feel confident knowing it has no mystery fillers inside of it, and my body is lovin it!

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